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      Healthy Heart & Home     

I am NOT your typical Oily, Crunchy, Perfect Mom....I am Michele, a girl who chooses to learn new things, better options and live her life with Grace & Ease. I still know my around a pizza and enjoy a gooey chocolate chip cookie!
But I choose healthy options when I can and I am in continual learning!

I would LOVE for YOU to join me along this LIFE journey! 

             So GRATEFUL I can do these things with ease again!!!  

Create a Healthy Home, Cultivate a Happy Mindset

A healthy home is the foundation of a happy life right after a heart chasing God, of course!. Our homes are where we spend most of our time, ESPECIALLY us Introverts! 

By prioritizing a clean and toxin-free environment, we empower our families to thrive. It's essential to embrace the mindset of constant growth seeking new ways to swap out toxic things in thought or in our home! 

Every small change counts! By continuously learning and making mindful choices, we can create a haven of well-being, both physically and mentally. Remember, there's always something new to discover - together, let's create a healthier, happier heart and home.

Scroll down for the things that help MY Heart & Home....

Wanna Jumpstart Your Body for 2024?!?
You Won't Recognize Yourself in a Year!
So THANKFUL I met Martha!
2022 - 2023
If you’ve tried to lose weight before and it seems something is just wrong with YOU….it’s not…it’s the system. It was never made for you to succeed.

And you’re about to find out WHY and HOW to actually accomplish your goal!

Our bodies naturally WANT to be strong and healthy, and 
if you're like me, you have tried 
and either it doesn't work, 
or the weight and fatigue always came back.

What you need is a jumpstart! 

I owe everything to Martha - (that's us over there on the left!) Wanna know what she taught me?!?

OKAY!!! Now, Let’s GO! 👇

No clue HOW to use oils? Here's HOW....




       These are the Oils for My Heart.      
I CANNOT imagine life without these! My only regret is that I didn't know 
about them SOONER in LIFE and that I don't share them ENOUGH!

And For the Heart AND Home...(and College Dorms)....

You bet I travel wit these and made sure whenever my kiddos were moving in to their own place or off to camp they had these! 

Introvert on the verge of burn out even in the blessing of serving others? I know how that goes. Here's a list I made that's about a venti-coffee-length of a read!!! 
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