I create space, online & offline, 
for Shy, Introverted Christian Women
who secretly deal with insecurity and are exhausted behind their smile, 
to be refreshed in their hearts 
without fear of rejection or judgment!


This is Livin' Where Faith Is.
This is a Space of Grace.
This is the place of Hearts From God. 

Being an Introvert who struggles with Insecurity is exhausting so sharing who we are can feel intimidating! But it's important we learn to share who we are in order for people to see 
the heart of God through us! 
I created this PDF as a place to help you 
start sharing with confidence! 
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I'm so HONORED you're here! In case we haven't met yet, Here's a Long Story Short About Me...
...the longer Long Story Short version is linked at the bottom. 
PS. I cannot wait to get to know YOU too!!

WellI guess I will do an About Me since you probably don't know me, and it's not your fault. Hi! I'm Michele, the Shy Introvert. You're gonna see a lot of hearts around my world and there's a story, but we will save that for another time! Here's the basic run down of who I am so you can quickly decide if you wanna hang out!

I am all about Jesus, Coffee, Sisterhood, Chocolate and Grace, lots of Grace and a little bit of goofy!
After living MOST of my life anxious and insecure, it is with JOY I proclaim I don't anymore and 

I don't want YOU to either!! We are FREE INDEED!!!

I asked the Lord to keep His promise to always be my Breath and never let go of me. He has been my 
faithful Daily Bread and Living Water, my Peace in the Chaos, my Joy in Despair, My Rock in shifting sands 
and a Shield about Me!

I didn't arrive here easily, though. It's been a journey of many miles. 
(It didn't help that I am a little stubborn too.) 

For years, I felt weak and helpless: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was drowning in the deep waters of fearing what I could not see making me the Queen Of What If. I hustled daily to meet the assumed expectations of what I thought a Life of Faith was supposed to look like, hustling to prove myself enough and striving for what it meant to honor God and live a life of meaning. It was exhausting work smiling when I felt like crying. Those would be the secret tears caught in sacred moments with Christ alone.

The more I fought to be enough, the weaker I felt. The Word told me do not fear, do not be anxious, stand firm, have courage. I knew I should and I hoped I could, but I wasn't.

It took years and years for me to let go of the reigns and the need to control. Faith meant surrender, not self-sabotage and it is my honor to empower you through sharing my journey and resources, my love and encouragement to help you walk through it a little easier, and maybe even avoid some of the same pits and detours I found myself taking.

Surrender is Trust. Trust is Faith. Faith is Surrender. Surrender is Grace.

Here I am Lord, Your Face I Seek.
Psalm 27: 4, 8

Here's Where You Can Find Some of My Heart Hugs for You...


I look forward to Getting to Know You! 

If You want to Know More About Me, 

Hugs & Blessings, Michele
Philippiajns 2:3-4