Sister Shares!
 Here are some of my favorite things & resources!

Need to Organize your "Church Chatter?" 
MY NEW 2024 My Church Notes Journal IS HERE!!!! Grab it on AMAZON!!!
(Makes for a GREAT Stocking Stuffer for a Sister Friend too!)
This Journal is is GREAT for keeping your Sermon Notes all in ONE PLACE, plus any Prayer Requests and other God Convos that pop up during the week.
My most favorite thing is the doodles on each page. Sometimes my mind will scatter....sometimes it goes a hundred miles an hour and sometimes it wonders off....I found myself doodling and I am not artist so it frustrated me doing the same I added designer to every page that I can trace and enhance with my own creativity nd movement each week. This has help my brain stay engaged.

This is the only Journal you'll need for 2024 with 52 Weeks of Space to organize your Sermon Notes! I LOVE having structure to follow and make sure I was being consistent in capturing Scriptures, Main Ideas and Applications. I hope you love it too! 

Floral Themed, 2023
Fun Themed, 2023
Beach Themed, 2023
Simple Themed, 2023

A Journal to Write & Recall Your Heart Moments with God.
Study Bible (I use YouVersion app for digital Bible!)
Helping our Girls acknowledge their feelings and giving them to the Lord in prayer.
Helping our young boys acknowledge their feelings and giving them to the 
Lord in prayer.
Coffee or Green Tea Anyone?!?
Jesus already gets my heart going so I needed a coffee that wouldn't make it explode! 
No more heart palpitations or adding baking soda to my coffee. Plus, once I began traveling again, I could stick some packets in my bag and have it ready to pop into a cup of hot water on the go! BEST DECISION!!! I still treat myself to the "Stars" but for my every day sips...this is my healthy coffee choice!!! 
Never a day without it!!!!
Grab you a box! (Plus they have some Green & Red Tea packets! I love adding my oils to those too!!) LIFE IS GOOOOOD!!!!!

My Mom Life Things...
BEST DOES IT ALL Comfy Chair!!! I use it on the go for paddle boarding on the water, days on the boat and always in the stadiums watching my kids!

SUPER Comfy and My Teen Loves them too! Check Out all the different Colors!
PRACTICAL!!! For BOTH types since they like to keep things complicated!
Worth the Investment! Stop buying $20 chairs each Season. These are Great and Shade is everything!
With a bad neck and desire to move around from sitting to standing, inside or outside, chair, couch or bed, this stand is perfect!
Love the color and ease! Keys are like butter and the mouse is so smooth rolling!
This stays plugged in on my couch! I use it on neck, arms, back, feet, hips! 
Encouragement for Our Teens
I have the honor to Author a Chapter in this book a dear friend has published. My chapter talks about life as a shy teen who is hiding in the background of life, yet so eager to SHINE!
You can find Vol One and this NEW Vol Two on AMAZON!!!!

Life Is Goooooood & Merch Life



Self  Care Things - Coming Soon!
Mom & Ministry Business Life Helps

Finally!! So many years of doing all the things separately, and God led me to someone who could speak my simple language and help me do Ministry and Business through my heart. I have blogged on a blog site since 2009, clueless, on how to turn my encouragements into a ministry that is self sustaining and not tied to being on Staff at a church. 

Not only have I been using her programs for years now, I have also attended many of her workshops and MasterMinds over the years and had the honor to meet her in person. I cannot recommend or be an affiliate for just anyone, 
but I can recommend her and all of her resources. 
These are the 2 main ones that have helped me the is Martha's How To program(s) and the other is the hosting site for your blog, CRM, etc.

Let's Connect! I am new around here too!
Thanks for stopping by to say Hi!  You can check out the blog for heart encouragement and the Oils tab for the oils I use and how to best use them. 
Happy to meet you and serve you by way of sharing heart support!
Blessings, Michele
I hope you find these products helpful to create space for grace and ease in your day. These links are referral and affiliate links so no need to leave a tip, lol!!! They are paying me to share what I love with you!