Heart Shaped Valentines

What does Valentine's Day mean for you? Remember those younger preschool and elementary days when your Mom took you to the store to pick out the Box of Valentine's for every kid in your class whether you liked them or not?!? There was no avoiding not sharing kindness to the kids who were mean to you even in the slightest way. There is such a lesson to be learned right there and I could run down a rabbit hole with that one, but I will leave it there for right now. 

Statistics say Christmas and Valentines are the highest recordings of suicide and depression. People feel unloved, unseen, dismissed, forgotten, used and lonely. Thanks to the commercialism of the holiday, men and women alike find themselves feeling left out in the absence of being romantically noticed. 

Truth be told, relationship status has little to do with feeling loved, treasured, adored and precious. 

Couples, whether married, engaged or courting, may not have a partner who is good at showing love. For some couples, they may have found themselves in a season of angst, miscommunication, betrayal, selfishness, grief, off balance or abuse, 

Life and Love is intentional effort and hard work, with a whole lot of Jesus...okay, and small amounts of coffee and chocolate help too! Did I mention praying, grace and patience yet?!? lol

Back to the holiday....

Somewhere along the timeline of adolescence into adulthood, This Love Day evolved from a community love to a more sensually-focused couple-relationship in the receiving of affections physically through tangible gifts or human touch. As young children begin to surge with socialtial pressures,  and hormones mind you, school-aged pressures to couple-up build with every age. I get it...you're not coupled up right now, or maybe you are coupled up and not receiving love from your partner, but you want to be loved, seen and made to feel precious and beautiful like all the other Valentines walking around with flowers and balloons, sitting at Tables for 2..

You might find yourself wishing you could stop thinking about "finding love," "being loved," or "feeling adored and beautiful."  

What if I said you don't have to!?

Friend, it is okay to want to be loved, to feel loved and to feel adored. The truth is YOU were created to be and YOU ARE!

Our human souls were created for belonging. Our complex yet fragile hearts are wired to desire Love, being the Love of Christ and Love with others.The temptation is to measure one's value on the quantity of received attention from other human hearts. 

The commercial retail industry's banks on the addiction to love as they flood the market with all things in the name of Love. 

So much so, the Love of Christ may not come to mind for most, yet here in His Sweet Love, we find the measure of our worth and value.

 In this season, may I remind you of the greatest commandment, Love God and Love others! Should we celebrate loving others? YES! Should we also celebrate the Love of God? YES! 

Sister Friend, Happy Month of Love! Grab your friends and get together this month in the name of Love, Jesus! Remind each other how beautiful and precious His Daughters are.

Whether happily coupled up, or dreaming of the day you will be, may you find intimacy in the Love of the Father for Your His child. There is no greater love to celebrate, cherish, trust, hope for that compares to His sweet heart for you!

With Love,

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