How To Handle Expectations and Interruptions : OVERCOMING FEAR SERIES as a Christian Woman

In this blog post, the author delves into the topic of overcoming fear and the various aspects associated with it. They emphasize the importance of giving oneself permission to pause and create space for grace in order to combat feelings of inadequacy and fear of failure. The author also highlights the need to evaluate priorities and focus on the people in our lives rather than getting caught up in tasks and external expectations. They recommend seeking guidance from God and establishing clear boundaries and guidelines to address interruptions. Additionally, the author emphasizes the significance of sisterhood, boundaries, and intimate worship in navigating fear and finding peace and surrender. Overall, the post encourages readers to trust in God's provision and embrace a posture of surrender.

Dear Tired Mom, I See You.

Stop Worrying about messing up your kids and worry more about messing up YOU!!!! You have probably heard the old saying, If Mama ain't happy, aint no one happy." Well, there's some truth in that. I'll say this, If Mama isn't happy, Mama needs more time with Jesus!! 

As Moms, we tend to put ourselves last on the list. We allow our day to run us vs running our day. And If Mom is stressed & overwhelmed, so will the family be. If you are depleted, you are functioning and contributing from lack, not abundance and God came for us to live in abundance! 

A Mom functioning on fumes from a depleted tank has nothing sustainable to share. Like a battery, in the red, it isn’t going to send a charge and in the meantime, we are hurting ourselves.

It's a fact: A depleted battery cannot charge another battery as much as we try! 
We must charge our battery in order to serve the ones around us well. So how do we fill back up?

Foundations: Structure, Surrender and Sisterhood are everything.

  • Creating a routine and establishing clear intentions, boundaries not only for self, but for the Home.
  • Meet with the Lord every morning (worshiping throughout the day in all the things as you serve your family and others) and seeking His plan/ goals, asking Him to lead you for the day/week.season.
  • Grace and yielding to God's plan as you prepare yourself to follow. Grace to trust when He says No to something, or Yes to something you hadn't considered.
  • Letting go of perfect control and allow God to provide the provision of energy, wisdom and purpose. 
  • We need to be in fellowship with other like-minded Mama Friends and choose to do life together. There's so much blessing and courage and joy that comes from our iron sharpening iron conversations and Titus 2 relationships. We need each other!
Mama, the enemy would like for you to continue to hustle in your Heart & Home and never feel worthy.or caught up. He wants you to feel exhausted and make you think you're doing a horrible job because you aren't checking off all the boxes you think you should be to be that perfect Mom.

Mama Friend, you are perfectly equipped and able to serve in the Ministry of Motherhood because He has called you to this! Guard your time with your Savior and Friend.

Starting today, let's focus on how we can best bless our family through serving our Lord with all our heart, mind and soul, asking Him to fill us, charge us and replenish us as only He can so that in the overflow of His touch, we can touch those around us that He has prepared for us to touch in His Name.

Seek First, God, and all these things shall be added unto you! Amen

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