How I Cope with Chronic Pain and Maintain Joy

Endurance doesn’t level out…you’ll always be enduring as you up level in each healing place. Healing is a forever thing this side of glory! We will always be fighting the good fight!


4 Simple Tips for Shy Introverts: How To Attend Events Without Feeling Overwhelm or Anxiety

Growing up, my physical appearance crippled me. I thought my legs were wonky, my nose was too big for my face, and my ears were too similar to Dumbo's. Everyone else was beautiful and I felt ugly. There was a point in my life I had braces and severe cystic acne. My skincare routine was as long as applying make up beginning in 5th Grade 

I wish my healing journey of acceptance wasn't as long as it was but this is why I am hopefully inspire others to work out these insecurities and fears now because the life God has created is abundant and beautiful. 

Body and Mind Healing Journey with God

Whatever pain you have inside you today, take comfort knowing God is compassionate and sees you where you are. There may remain a thorn or two in your flesh as do many of us, but God...His grace will be amazing if we give into resting in it and not fighting against it. The pain may not fully go away, and that’s a hard one to figure out but who are we to question the sovereign God who has established not only our path, but the course of all time and everything in it.