Valentine's Isn't Just for Lovers

The month of Love. For some, it's a blissful month of chocolates, cuddles, oodling, dating, intimate moments, extravagance and flowers while others feel heartache, loss, jealousy and loneliness. 

We were created with a need for True Love. We spend our days searching to fill that space, trying so many different things, and will until you find Love Who Fills.

The media is so good at showing us ways to fill this need. Eventhough Love Himself fills and holds my whole heart, blessing  me with a Man to share life and love with for over 30 Valentines, I catch myself oodling at the beautiful diamonds and romantic getaways on all the commercials. 

In my every day life, I am simple. I enjoy a coffee on the couch in pjs, simple gifts, simple meals, simple outings, a simple way of life. I am not a glam girl. Do I love pretty things? Beautiful clothes? Nails and hair done? Nice food out? Luxurious spas? Sure! But I don't need them or chase them.  

A few years ago, I decided to start hosting a Sweet Love night at my home. I was so nervous because I hadn't ever hosted a party for friends before, an Introvert, yes, but also...fear of rejection. There it is. What if no one came? What if I was boring? What if they thought it was stupid?

But God! I dumped the lies and pursued True Love and did it anyway. I invited a group of women from my church over, in the Name of Love. In the room were woman who had recently lost their spouses, who were struggling to feel loved in their marriages, some who were too exhausted to experience love - Sisterly or Intimately.

These were soul satisfying nights of introducing these Sisters in Christ to each other, sharing stories of hope and love, and for those who don't know me yet or been to one of my events...yes, we enjoyed some serious coffee & chocolates!

As much as we need to embrace Love, some of us need to break up with false idols who keep us from receiving and giving love.

Today, what do you need to dump in order to have True Love?

Feelings of lack, envy, hate, jealousy, greed, addictions, pride, immorality?

Now that you have broken up, let's pray for Love's return and filling. Ask for blessings of Grace and deep soul satisfying wholeness. Open your heart to receive again. 
Whatever barriers have been placed around your heart, will you allow Jesus to be the new Gate Keeper? Will you trust, let go of control and surrender to Love?

May it be so.

I pray this month brings you such deep joy as you remember the Love The Creator, Your Father, the Great I Am has for you. His Love is unconditional and of the purest kind that no human on this earth, no matter how wonderful they are, can match. 

He is the Ultimate Lover of Your Soul. 
You can trust Him. 
He's got you in His heart. 

Will you allow Him in yours?

If you are looking for ways to share more love this year, check out this blog FULL of ideas!!

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Happy Heart Juice that Doesn't Make My Heart Pop like Popcorn

Anxiety for years and years means limited caffeine and sugars. I would LOOOOOVE to have a pot of coffee to sip on during the cold season, but my heart cannot take it!!! My adrenals just aren't healed enough and I imagine my insides are so inflamed by stress and gallons of Dr Pepper from high school and college, it is going to take time to really fully heal. 

So, for years now, my Daily Coffee Routine is I drink 1 cup of coffee around 5:30am to kick off my Quiet Time in the morning with God and a 2nd cup mid afternoon in my quiet hour before the kids arrive home from school. Now that I am healing, I splurge every now and then when out shopping or having Girl Time and enjoy fun coffees and my heart doesn't respond like popcorn, so these are exciting days!!! I love getting to say Yes to coffee anytime!! 

Every month I have 2 dips of energy that last 2-3 days each. Ovulation (Days 13-15) and the 2 days Prior to Aunt Flo arriving. My energy drops and feels like I have taken a sleeping pill. It's been consistent like this for years. Knowing that is beneficial because I will boost energy with nutrition or an extra cup of coffee to help think clearly and I can also guard my energy but not planning my schedule to be all in for those days.

People always offer me the Grocery Store energy powders and cans but I just don't want my heart to turn to popcorn and massively crash! I am super thankful for my healthy coffee option and my happy juice, all of which blesses me with healthy ingredients and doesn't make me zoom or crash! Just nice flowing energy!! I am so grateful!!! 

Now when I need energy or someone asks for a "cocktail" this is what I make Happy Heart Juice, the Red Juice with Wings!!! I don't drink alcohol, so this is my favorite happy juice to drink and share!! It makes you better!!!!

I share so you know there are healthy options out there all about the same price but way better on your body to process and your heart won't become a popcorn factory!!! Let me know what you think if you grab some! I'll link it here so you can at least take a look!! 

And for you Coffee Lovers...THIS Latte is my FAVORITE!!!!! My heart loves this too!!!

If today's encouragement hugged your HEART today, let me know in the comments or meet me over
 in my Facebook Sisterhood Community! Feel free to share this blog with a friend who needs a heart hug too!
This is how YOU get to hug my HEART back!

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