How To Say No without Feeling Rude or Selfish

Do you ever find yourself wanting to say No but feel you simply can't?!? I get you! I was you until 2009 when the Lord strongly and "graciously" told me No to being Super Woman.

As someone with a heart for people and deeply rooted in the old ways Insecurity taught me to people-please…saying No was HARD! It felt rude and selfish and yet all the years later, I have come to realize saying No is a kind and humble thing to say.

The world gives you that look Mama used to give if you say No, even in the church. How can you say No to doing something good, right?! For us, saying Yes makes us feel like the Hero and it's so much less to worry about finding the right words and avoid offending, or being rejected by someone. Honestly, we just don't know how to say NO with grace and freedom! Let's practice saying a basic phrase....

Thank You so much, I am honored but I will need to say No right now.

I think this is great but it is not a fit for me.

No thank you.. 

No is also a complete sentence too. You don't owe anyone the reasons why, but I know us heart centered girls feel better when we share our hearts behind our answers.

We don't say No just to be lazy or get out of things, and if you're like me, you're not trying to! It's quite the  opposite...we want so badly to say YES!!!!

When we become everyone's yes, it means we are saying No to something else by nature. What is being avoided or ignored if we don't guard it's yes to it?!? Sometimes it's just our sanity, lol.

Other times, we are depleting ourselves to the point of never being able to serve in our mission or calling because we are so busy serving every one else's. I think sometimes people say Yes without even considering it wasn't theirs to say yes to and are stepping into a place meant for someone else.

When our morning prayer is " God lead me today into the Yeses YOU have already prepared for me and give the wisdom and courage to stay focused" we are more easily able to find the right answer at every ask. 

As you seek your Yes or No, may you seek first ask what His answer is and follow along His lead! (God doesn't always say Yes to everything we ask either - can we get an AMEN to that!)

Lord, Thank You for giving us Your Holy Spirit to lead and gird us up for our day. In a world of so many opportunities and temptations alike, we surrender our Yes to YOU ALONE so that we can say Yes or No to the world. Give us Your eyes to see the path laid out for us! Amen

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