Dorm Life Essentials: Diffuse Toxins in the Room and the Mind


Living the college dorm life can be hectic and overwhelming. Between classes, assignments, studying, and social activities, it's essential to have a calm and soothing environment that feels like your sanctuary. While it is important to have good nutrition, a healthy mindset and body, the air is just as important! What can you do when you can't have candles / open flames?? A diffuser! 

They are SO EASY to use too! Simply add water and 2-4 drops of oil, and yes, creating your own blend is fun too! I'll share some of our favorite blends below. No flames, no noise, no mess and it has a timer on it! There are many kinds out there so find one you love.

Incorporating the power of essential oils into your dorm room, you can easily create a calm and healthy atmosphere that supports your physical and mental well-being which is especially important for first time college students.

1. Improve Concentration and Focus:

Studying for long hours can be mentally draining. Thankfully, certain essential oils are known to enhance cognitive function, memory, and concentration. Peppermint and Lemon oils helps maintain mental clarity and focus. Say goodbye to those dreaded brain fog moments and bad for you energy drinks! If you need something to sip on alongside your water, try Nitro and Zyng!  

2. Promote Relaxation and Reduce Stress:

College life comes with its fair share of stress and anxiety. Transform your dorm room into a peaceful oasis by diffusing the soothing scents of Lavender, Joy, or Stress Away essential oils. These calming aromas can help anxiety and promote relaxation, making it easier for you to chill out after a long day of classes.

3. Purify the Air and Boost Immunity:

Dorm rooms often have poor air quality due to limited ventilation. We did buy an inexpensive air purifier from Amazon to help but we also sent our girl with a diffuser to strengthen her immune system which we know will take a hit the first 90 days. 

As we get set up to move in and for a once a day session, she will run the cinnamon and clove essential oil blend, known for its powerful antiviral and antimicrobial properties, to cleanse the air and ward off nasty germs, giving her a healthy breathing environment.

Not to forget mentioning insects....they will be less of an issue in this dorm room!! 

4. Good Sleep:

A good night's sleep is essential for academic success. Diffuse Cedarwood, Lavender, or Roman Chamomile essential oils before bedtime to create a tranquil environment. These calming scents help promote relaxation and prepare your mind and body for a restful night's sleep.

Don't let the stress of college life take a toll on your student's overall well-being. Enhance the dorm room experience with a diffuser and enjoy the benefits of improved focus, relaxation, purified air, and a positive sleep routine. Embrace the power of nature to transform your dorm room into a calming haven where you can thrive academically and recharge both your mind and body.

Read more from our Dorm Life Essentials series, here. Happy Diffusing!!!

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Healthy Living Tips in Your 50's : Body, Mind and Spirit

You gotta love it when you feel BETTER in your 50's than your 30's & 40's! Mom life gets busy! We are typically the LAST ones to tackle our personal To Dos because the family list always comes first.

I lived pouring out myself (without filling back up) for so MANY years until the Lord sat me down to re-prioritize my TO Do list. If I continued to put myself last, I would continue to deplete myself into nothingness. My life felt borrowed...borrowed energy from caffeines and adrenaline, good ol sucking it up and pushing through, because the clock never stoped ticking...using the last drop of energy and focus I had, until there was absolutley none left.

According to Women's Health, "Women are more likely than men to have an anxiety disorder, including post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Research suggests that women may feel the symptoms of stress more or get more of the symptoms of stress than men. This can raise their risk of depression and anxiety."

The world yells SELF CARE....God whispers Seek Me! While He was the reason I did everything, served Him in the church and honored Him with all my heart as I served my family and others, He was not my source of strength or the first one I sought to serve, although in a weird way, I thought I was. I was serving everyone else and He and I got what was left, if anything.

I had become really good at doing what was necessary, not needed. Yet what I needed was a deep, intimate relationship with Him FIRST, then healthier habits and some good that I could love others as He calls us to.

He was seeking my heart, and I had been giving Him my help.
Help He did not need from me.

While it's hard for us to be sat down, God knows what it takes to get our attention. During this time, I was able to renew my focus, accessing His strength vs borrowing it from the world. 

I tried everything a la cart, but true healing and restoration involves body, mind and spirit. I get asked all the time, so here are some of the core things I did to heal myself over the years. Some have links for quick grabs:

  • Nutrition: Flooding your body with good nutrition is vital! This juice is magical to heal your gut and adrenals. My energy replenishes easily and it tastes sooo good! My teens and I also add in a packet of electrolytes mixed with other good for you things like magnesium, lions mane, potassium things to our water!

  • Exercise: A simple walk a day is great and getting extra movement every day! Put on your favorite playlist or listen to a podcast and GO!! If you get bored walking the same path, change it up your route, drive to a nearby park, grab a friend and chat! Or, if there's a mall near you, be a mall walker! 

  • I find that I do best when I have accountability. I just started attending a monthly jumpstart group that meets 11 days online every month. And, it's free besides the juice I already order every month, so yay! Feel free to check it out here and let me know if you want to join me in it too! 

  • Water! I found I wasn't drinking enough water thanks to this accountability jug, but if you want an every day water bottle without paying a ton, I love mine! We call it Fake Stanley! LOL I have several with one specific to my 40oz water with a straw and cup fit bottom so it goes perfect with me on the go in my Jeep. Then I have the 24oz smaller size so I can take it with me on walks and on my paddleboard! Plus, my teens have these too for school and they always keep the ice! That's HUGE for us living in Florida! Sooo important to drink half your body weight

  • Stillness: This is great for body/mind/spirit. Get quiet with your space and just breathe! I always have a blanket in my Jeep for days I go to the beach or park. But taking time in your eery day to sit still and let your mind just breath. Take time to process stuffed thoughts. If you have time to do some creative elements or other hobby you enjoy, try that! The main thing here is Peace & Calm.

  • Community: Sisterhood is important. Mentors are important too! As a shy introvert, I take a little bit longer to connect and share life with other but over the past several years, I have come to see and feel the difference it had made in my life and now I am praying for God to help me create one! 
Mind & Spirit:
  • Pray! Grab your favorite songs in Spotify and create a playlist for worship. Here's mine!
  • Read The Word daily and as often as needed! I use the ESV Study Bible. Plus, the YouVersion app is free!!!
  • Sisterhood! Let down the walls and make plans to connect! Distance yourself from drama and guard your heart shaped circle.
  • Gratitude! Be thankful, rejoicing always!!
These are the basic things of a million lifestyle choices we can make! I hope they help you get moving forward in your own healing journey too!!! It feels so good to seek first all the GOOD things God has planned and prepared for YOU!! Life is soooo good! Don't let it borrow you! You are already sought & bought!!! 

Glory to God in the Highest!!! Enjoy Sisters!!!!
Blessings, Michele

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Essential Oils for Healing Your Heart


"Michele!!! What oils do you use when you are totally stressed out?"

I get asked this A LOT so I created this to make sure I didn't forget to mention one of them and also share how I use them. Be sure to click on the individual oil names for links to information direct from YL including ingredients! 

*Disclaimer: I am NOT a expert oils guru...I am just a Girl who found help in her oils and loves to share them with others!

I began using oils for emotional healing in 2008 after a season of emotional stress that resulted in heart palpitations, anxiety and panic attacks. Not wanting to be tied to pharmaceuticals, I reached out to oily friends along with Google and began learning and trying! These are organic oils working with an organic human, so be patient! 

You need to give it anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, adjusting usage and maybe even the oil itself until you find what your body needs! 

Have Grace and be patient!! I believe healing is accomplished by engaging 3 things : body, mind and spirit. 

Today, I want to share specifically what I do with my oils for emotional support and healing.  

In the beginning, especially when you are in a current active crisis, be consistent! Set a timer on your phone to receive your oil application whatever it might be. Just like over the counter meds, it will take time for the body to adapt and begin healing. It's easy for time to slip away especially if you are a busy Mom, or you are working or maybe just keeping yourself so busy and distracted, that you easily loose track of time.

Once you have found stability in your stress, just like regular medications prescribed, continue using for a week or so after you feel healing has settled in for you. Then, it is more like taking vitamins, a daily maintenance, but not an all day thing any longer. Glory to God!

For example, when I know I am stressed out from a bad day or PMS or I am frustrated and upset about something, I will grab the Joy oil bottle, open, add 4 drops to the diffuser with the water and turn on, apply 1drop to the palm of my hand and hold over my heart as I stand over the diffuser and pray, often with no words. Isettle my heart and mind and ask the Holy Spirit to intercede on my behalf. I ask Him to open my breath, clear my thoughts and calm my heart. 

It's been a beautiful spiritual journey that while I am not happy about the stressful part, and forever grateful for the spiritual part. It has helped me learn how to receive in my prayers vs venting without listening and receiving. 

Be still and know.

I am grateful to have access to natural products for my health! Of course, always consult a Professional Counselor or Doctor if you are struggling with your body or mind! Sometimes we need to start there to be under the care of someone who can monitor you closely. You can still explore oils even alongside professional systems. Follow your instinct and keep calm! Have peace and take your healing journey one step at a time!

Aromatherapy: I open oil, inhale smells through my nose every hour on bad days. 3 breathes to inhale, hold for 3 seconds and exhale out of your mouth. As your emotions settle, you can move to every few hours, stay consistent. Ofcourse, they can also be whenever you need a deep breath on any given day.

Diffuser: A few drops with clean water in your diffuser. No need to wash out between oils. Yes, you can create your own blends. (Psst...This is a great option to replace toxic candles in your home.)

Topical: Applying oils directly to your body usually with a carrier oil (EVOO, massage oil or another oil like Coconut Oil). Some oils are considered spicy so it can irritate the skin. If an oil is too strong, dilute with natural carrier oil or YL massage oils.

I am NEVER without these oils. I consider oils medications I can access at a moment's notice. Unlike OTC meds, you can't just go buy the oil, you need to have it on hand! Some oils are always at an arm's reach while others remain in the medicine cabinet.

My FAVORITE is JOY!!!  For me, it is what my body consistently asks for and responds quickly to. I notice the biggest difference in the kids and hubby with this one too.

Lavender is a great basic oil meaning it has soooo may ways to serve you, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Smells so good and an easy roller for drawing a heart on my chest, tracing a heart on my feet and rolling up the back of the neck.

A nice citrus blend, fresh and strong! If you already have citrus oils like Orange, Lime and lemon, you can create your own blend bottle and add some drops to your tea or water! Just make sure all oils are used in a glass container, not plastic! 

There are MANY other oils I love using like Journey, Acceptance, Raven, Inner Child, Clary Sage, Envision, Frankincense, Peppermint...the list goes on! The above mentions are ones that are my top picks! Enjoy discovering new oils each month! 

Ways I use all these oils:
  •  4 drops in the diffuser when the emotions in the home seem tense. 
  • a drop on my heart in the middle of my chest, covering it with my hand on my heart as I breath and pray
  • drop on the crown of my head-careful to not pray looking down so it doesn't drip down into your eyes-ouch!
  • one drop in the palm of my hand, rub together, make prayer hands and hold over nose as you pray
  • drop in hand with carrier oil, rub together, rub bottom of clean feet or back of neck
  • mix a few drops of the oils into a glass spray bottle with clean water and spray on bedding for a peaceful night (MOM TIP: If your kiddo has bad dreams, help them create a Bad Dream Spray to keep them away. Empower them to take charge over their space, praying while spraying that God will activate the spray and keep the bad dreams away! My kiddo loved it and it worked!)
  • open bottle next to you as you work or meditate
  • drop oils in glass drink container- I love peppermint in my tea or coffee
As always, PRAY! Invite God in to your space....ask Him to hold you and heal you. There may be seasons you need medications and that is okay! Do what's necessary for you and listen to your intuition and God's leading. Seek professional help when you don't know what to do and allow the oils to support you along your way.

Friend, God Loves you!! You are seen, loved, heard and precious! You are NOT alone in your bad days!!! There is HOPE!!! Be still and know!!!! You are MORE than a Conqueror and you are fighting a battle you cannot see so surrender your heart and mind through worship and prayer. 

Pay attention to what and who you listen to and remove negativity from your circle where possible. Look into Boundaries with your body, mind and spirit. Guard your heart and mind. Pay attention to who you surround yourself with. Some people will trigger you and deplete you while others will charge nd refresh you.

If you want to learn more about oils, here's your link to learn more and grab the ones you want to begin with. Heart Healing oils will last a LONG time since most of your usage will be aromatherapy. 

If you're the visual type, I made a quick video, about 12min long, watch if you wanna, no biggie! 

Throughout my blogs you will find more resources and chats about healing body, mind and spirit and the importance of them all being touched by intention. So please scroll around and make yourself at home in my online Home.

Reach out if you have any questions! You can email me at

Grace and Blessings,  

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