How I Faced a Fear I have had since 2008 and WON! Testimony Time

At first, I thought it was possible altitude sickness or claustrophobia...

January 2008: 
I struggled on one of our SCUBA dives in Belize which had a strong current that day

May 2008
We were taking the kids to the Caverns outside Austin, Texas and half way though, I couldn't breathe in the humid air, saw one way out was through a small carved out hallway to finish the tour, the other was back up where I knew the path. Josh felt fine and finished the tour with the kids.

December 2008: 
Toured the Hoover Dam in Vegas and from the moment we stepped on the crammed in like sardines elevator and into the cave below, it was overcome with not being able to breath and left the tour with some Angels unaware. A story for another time.

From that moment on, the breaths never returned to normal. A flip had been switched on inside me. It would be waves upon waves...eventually, we received the diagnosis "panic attacks."

ME?!? NOT EVEN POSSIBLE” I thought....

Did I struggle with fear most of my life? Insecurity? Trust? Well, yes….

I am the most passive, peaceful and calm person you'll ever know. He replied, "For most people that's exactly true for them too."

This is the Silent Crisis Season where my tests created a new testimony of faith for me. It was in this season, I found God's Heart. 

I just have to say, while the healing has come, PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY, HE gets ALL THE GLORY in my story, I have not been able to consider caverns since that weekend in 2008. I didn't want to trigger something old.
I had some of the same fears about cruising and God recently broke off those chains, story for another time. I knew GRACE and trust. I knew scary surrender. BUT GOD! It was beautiful! 

Last week, I found myself 164 ft below ground in Virginia Caverns. WOW WOW WOW. I did, GOD did it but I trusted His hold!! 

Was it hard, sure. Healing is such a funny thing. Courage is such a complex thing. 

I am FLAT OUT Grateful & Humble. His grace is sufficient. Trust me, oh have I pleaded over many things, many times. I have begged for less of me and more of Him. He has been so faithful.

This is Livin' Where Faith Is.

I am thankful for this season of writing to bring me back to hard seasons so I can stand in great awe of where He has brought me. I pray HE is glorified, seen and pleased. How I pray I serve Him well. My heart is all His as His is all mine.

Friend, God Loves You.
He sees you.
He hears you.
He is near.
He knooooooowssssss.......grace upon grace.

Here's me, somewhere 164 ft deep in gratitude in the Smoky Blue Ridge Mountains.....more videos to come, and an actual blog, likely an entire book! heehee

Glory to God in the Highest!!! The Great I Am, Healer and Protector of our Hearts.

What can YOU choose to face today? This week?!? Something you want to, but have been afraid to? Another one of mine is walking bridges...another is hiking...another is heights...being an event...publishing my book...even holding a chicken! Yep, I said it! 

What about YOU!?! Get your worship joy ON!!!! Let's Go!!!!!

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Heart Hugs and Blessings,