How To Overcome Emotional Fear : OVERCOMING FEAR SERIES as a Christian Woman

In this blog post, the author discusses the topic of overcoming fear and shares her personal journey of breaking free from the fear that controlled her life. She talks about the emotional fear she experienced, such as feeling not smart enough or pretty enough, which led her to hide behind a shield and avoid conflict and rejection. However, she emphasizes that she has faith and realizes that she already has the courage within her to be brave, bold, and a leader.

The author also offers three helpful strategies to overcome fear. She encourages readers to surround themselves with a supportive sisterhood, establish boundaries to protect themselves and their comfort levels, and engage in intimate worship to find peace and surrender to God's love. She believes that God is fighting for the hearts of His children and that they can trust in His grace and walk confidently, knowing they are held by Him. The author concludes by inviting readers to watch a video she recorded on trust and surrender in the love of God and encourages them to rise up in a posture of surrender and embrace God's new mercies each day.

How To Overcome the Anxiety Spiral Down and Turn it UP!

When life feels out of control and our insecurity begins to grow, our ability to fight back against it depends on the things we allow into our hearts and minds.
It’s time to surrender and letting go to allow God to build us up. Our firm grip of control doesn’t actually strengthen us. Trusting His Love is our strength and joy! 


Fear can Hold You a Prisioner in Your Own Mind

Fear holds us prisoner inner own mind.. I didn't feel my value was higher than others so quietness looked like meekness when in reality, there were times I was screaming on the inside, smiling on the outside. Joy comes when we surrender of fears to trusting faith.
Fear sifted and sorted my thoughts until I learned how to give faith that authority! 


Overwhelmed Moms Finding Grace

It wasn't easy to learn to rest when life was so full of needs and expectations. Learning to carve out a space of Grace, a time of stillness and worship in the day, was hard in the beginning. The enemy would whisper, "You are so lazy." "You should keep going," "You don't have time to just sit there praying."

Permission to NOT Be a Perfect Mom

God did not create us for a robotic life of busyness and living life on auto-pilot, constantly hustling to achieve the next expectation in the name of proving worthiness, or the evidence of what a Christian Woman should live and look like.

The evidence is Jesus, and we are His vessels of Love here on this Earth, that all people in all nations will know the Grace of God…not the judgements of God.