3 Basic Ways to Help Manage Stress for Yourself or Your Student

Tis the Season of Stress....wait...it's not October, November or December. It's MAY!!! If you are a Mom, I am betting you are being stretched and so is your student, especially these last 2 weeks of the semester. Whether your student is 3, 13 or 23 years old...a Mom is the quick call, the outlet and safe place. A Mom is the one who balances the unbalanced world in our child's heart, with God of course! 

It's Prom, end of. the year playoffs and productions. Students are taking both exit AND entrance exams, OH MY! All the banquets and ends of the year parties. Everyone is in a low key, or possibly massive stress ball. So, what are some ways we can diffuse and ease the stress?

You can check out the video I just recorded for the full conversation, but here are the cliff notes:
  • Prayer
  • Praise 
  • Pause 
1.) Ask Questions vs Minimizing Feelings of their Stress: How can I help you? How can I serve you? Is there anything I can do for you right now? Would you like me to sit with you for a few minutes?

2.) Affirmations: You are enough. I am proud of you. You should be proud of yourself. You have prepared so well. Trust your brain to support and recall. Believe, trust and rest in all you have done to prepare.

3.) Body I Mind I Spirit Helps: Offer to help support your student with prayer, oils, calming teas and aromatherapy, going for a walk, work out, shop, run errands with a friend, grab a coffee, a dance party, art, journal, paint, swim, box, bike, play with the pets, etc. Greatest gift and help is prayer! Pray for the stress ball to be diffused by Love Bubbles! Resist the temptation to indulge in massive sugar loads and hide in your room! Get that Vitamin G (God) and Sea!! 

Not every person handles stress the same so be brave and have compassion enough to ASK!!! Don't assume they can handle it alone and don't need you. if it's YOU, ASK for some Love to diffuse your stress ball! 

It's really really hard in the beginning of your Letting Go Journey to ask for support or a simple hug in the name of All Togetherness when you are the Peace Maker in the Home but I am challenging you this time to seek it out and let God bless you with Love through the hands and feet He has placed around you for such a time as this. Don't stuff your feelings. Pride keeps us on the Struggle Bus, Love let's us fly!! Go find a Flight Buddy and diffuse that stress with some Love! 

Pray, Praise and Pause!!! Receive the LOVE for the health of your soul. Tis the season to REJOICE! You've Got This!!! 

All the HUGS,

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