4 Steps for Getting Started and Not Stuck in Personal Development as a Christian (and a Mom)

Congratulations! You've decided to grow in wisdom and knowledge!  For those of us who come from. background of anxiety or insecurity, this is a HUGE WIN!!! You believe in yourself enough and ultimately, trust God enough, to lay down your fears (and pride) and say Help Me Grow, I am not where I want or need to be.

It's normal to feel scared and even overwhelmed when you are first beginning. For me, I really didn't jump in to personal development until I started working again in recent years. In all the years before, learning was problem solving, rather the growth. Yes, there's a difference, it's something you don't think about it unless you have a Discipleship Program or a career that helps you with Personal Relations, Customer Service, etc. We aren't necessarily looking for those skills sets as a Stay at Home Mom.

For me, everything I was reading was a Bible Study or a Mom book. I would never have picked up a book on Leadership...I didn't see myself as a Leader, and yet we are Moms...absolutely Leaders in our Homes.

Once we start our personal development journey, or if you want to use church words, when we are being refined, pruned and sanctified, it can feel overwhelming when you first get going. You begin to realize how much you know and can grow next level in but you also see how much you don't know.

Here is where the anxiety trigger gets pushed into our flesh. If we are not guarding our heart and minds in the armor of God's Truth, we are vulnerable to the fiery darts of the enemy who highlights our weaknesses to us and fights to disqualify us from growth. That is his job. To keep us from moving closer to the heart of God. We can be easily swept aways with his half truths.

Insecurity tells us we are not ready or capable to lead. Faith says we can do all things because He is with us and in Him, all things are possible. We also believe He equips us to be where He has brought us. We can be confident in knowing God will never leave us or forsake us. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to act despite it. 

Step 1:
Acknowledge that being nervous is a natural part of the growth process. You can't get very far in God's Word without seeing nerves but notice how they are cast before the Lord and the Lord answers. He gives us the Manna for every moment. Do you trust Him to provide for what you need whether it's building up or the tearing down. For me, I needed to do both in different ares of my life. 

Step 2:
Gracious Surrender! Letting go of control is surrender. Understand that being scared is human, and it's okay to be vulnerable. God sees every thought already so you can't hide from Him anyway right?!? Cast your cares on Him, ask for rescue and strength. Ask Him to open your heart, mind, eyes and ears to hear and see Him in your every day. Cleanse us Lord and have Your way. Equip us, refine us, use us for what You created us for. Our gifts, talents and wisdom are from You. Strengthen us. Humble us. Prune us. Lead us.

Step 3:
Grab those inner circle Sisters and gird up together! This is where accountability is such a blessing. Otherwise, we can allow ourselves to shrink back. If you're like me, I didn't have that many friends. I am a shy introvert, so knowing many is one thing. Trusting many is different! It's okay. He has placed people in your life from Pastors, friends, community, Divine appointments and resources all around you. Ask, Seek. Find.

Remember that personal development (sanctification) is a continuous process on this side of Glory, and there will always be new challenges because we will never stop growing. Embrace the Grace in the hard but don't get swept away into Can't Waters. Waters of Too Much or Not Enough. 

Take one step at a time. Do not be anxious! Do not fear! Let the fire burn!!!

Step 4:
Evaluate your environment. Surround yourself with like-minded people, online and offline. The things we listen to affect us more than we realize.

Personal Development requires courage and intentionality. God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we think or imagine. Do not allow fear to keep you from growth, or keep you drowning in it without ever walking it out in application. 

Stay salty! Shine your light! Allow God to prune, cleanse, grow, lead you. 

This is the adventure! This is where with is.

His heart is for you Sister!! He is with you!!!! 

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