What is the 11 Day Jumpstart? One Year Review

It's all the buzz these days as we step into a New Year... healthy eating, setting goals, resetting our body and mind, creating new routines and establishing new habits. Everyone is talking about an 11 day Jumpstart program and well....ME TOO! If you haven't heard me talking about it yet, buckle up, here we go!

So, if you're like me...you get tired of looking back at your last year and hate that nothing really changed! But you tried SO HARD!!! Year...after...year.....

You've done all the things and nothing sticks except the weight! You've even tried starving yourself and even though you lose some weight, it piles right back on a few months down the road. Everyone says the brain fog is just because you're getting older, your joints aching for the same reason too. They say its hard to lose the weight after 50 and to a point they are right, but it doesn't mean it isn't possible! For me, I finally found the easy button for feeling better WITHOUT eating cardboard meals, skipping meals or popping a bunch of pills!

I am forever grateful for the 11 Day Jumpstart program! Who knew 11 Days could be so impactful....

This isn't just about the scale! This is for your body, mind, and soul. The food? It's yummy, real food! No-one is starving over here – it's all about loading up on the good stuff to boost your energy and breaking free from those unhealthy cravings. Don't worry...we still eat delicious desserts!

Worried about workouts? Don't worry, The goal is movement. When I began, I was healing from frozen shoulder and recovering from neck and back injuries so you can just start wherever you are and do what you can. Now, a year later, I can do so much more! I no longer feel trapped in my body! Oh, and I've been writing all year again too!! 

The 11-Day Jumpstart isn't just about what you eat and how you move. Within the first 3 days, the Founder of the 11 Day Jumpstart, Martha Krejci, teaches us a crucial part of healing our body, through mindfulness. Our negative thoughts are just as toxic to us as the toxins surrounding us in the world. A healthy mind is just as crucial as a healthy body. This was a game changer to me.

Just so you know, you're NOT doing this alone either! Martha takes the group of over 3k of us Live, every month for 11 days, educating us along the way from her years of wisdom living a healthy lifestyle. Martha created this program after losing her Dad and healing her own body. It's so simple, anyone can do this!! 

This is personal, not just some random program! 

Eventhough I have done it for a FULL YEAR now, you may be wondering WHY I am STILL doing it?!? Great question! I'll tell ya...because it has unlocked my body. I am not in the perfect place I want to be, there's always a next level and I feel myself stronger and stronger every month. Now, I am moving into strength training and learning to manage my new found energy so I never find myself in another hustle burn out! I love moving more freely and especially having my brain back!! My creative flow and photographic memory is returning! It truly is a way of life for me now! 
If you want more info, you can grab it here! There's NO monthly commitments or contracts...you just need to grab some juice and real food from our recipes! Oh, and of course you'll need water....in fact, if you don't do anything else after reading this, PROMISE ME you will drink your water (experts recommend half your body weight every day), eat real food and move your body! 

Trust me,this can be the reset you need this year! It has opened up my world, body, mind and soul! I know it will for you too if you do the things too!! I'd love for you to join me!! Again, hop over to jump.MicheleDickerson.com to grab more info and see what it's all about.

11 Days is just the beginning. Are you ready to change what hasn't yet?!? Let's Do This!!!
Here's a blog I wrote with 5 Helpful Things when you're getting started with a new fitness/health routine.

All the love, grace and hope,

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