God is WITH YOU in Your Anxiety, Fear and Obstacles

You are not alone and undefeated! The Lord is near and He has already been fighting on your behalf. 
Fear, chaos, anxiety, insecurity, depression are not from God! Take a deep breath and pray as you recall to mind Whose you are! You are enough!! His Heart is for you!!!

Can Insecurity Cause Depression?

Because the Holy Spirit dwells with us, we have immediate access to peace on earth. While the painful trial we are going through feels like it is suffocating us, God reminds us that we are more than conquerors, He has a plan and purpose for your life, and in His wisdom instructs us to rejoice always, giving thinks in every circumstance. WHY? Because He knows our flesh is weak and in Him we can find strength to overcome.

Overwhelmed Moms Finding Grace

It wasn't easy to learn to rest when life was so full of needs and expectations. Learning to carve out a space of Grace, a time of stillness and worship in the day, was hard in the beginning. The enemy would whisper, "You are so lazy." "You should keep going," "You don't have time to just sit there praying."

Anchor Your Faith with Confidence

It's so easy in life to put our hope in things of this world only to find ourselves in places we didn't plan to be and in deeper waters than we meant to go. 

There is no greater Anchor than the Lord our God. He is steady and steadfast. He will keep us where we need to be if we allow Him to ground us on a firm foundation, His Cornerstone. And this is key.: to have the trust in the firm foundation and set our Anchor with intention.