What is the 11 Day Jumpstart? One Year Review

Looking to jumpstart your health and wellness goals in the New Year? Consider joining the 11 Day Jumpstart program! This program focuses on resetting your body and mind, creating new routines, and establishing healthy habits. With delicious and nutritious meals, no starving required, and the guidance of an experienced founder, this program is perfect for those looking to make a lasting change. Not only does the program emphasize what you eat and how you move, but it also teaches the importance of mindfulness and maintaining a healthy mind. Join over 3,000 participants each month as you embark on this journey together. Take the first step towards a healthier you today! Check out more at jump.micheledickerson.com 

Dorm Essentials : Helping Your College Kid Have a Healthy Mindset


Remember how FUN starting college was but also so overwhelming to navigate! Our teens are faced with even greater social pressures with the added element of social media access. This generation experiences a social pressure and presence we did not have.

Even if you think they don't listen to you, deep in your heart, know they are. While we have been training them up for these past 18 years, it's still important to send them off with reminders to help them prioritize the well-being of their minds even if they think they already know it all. Behind the eye rolls, you know are coming, they do appreciate these highlights as they walk into the new open doors....and so do YOU!

Our thoughts impact how we view our current reality, influencing how we perceive and interact with the world around us, including our college-bound teen. Along with prayer, incorporating a few simple practices can make a world of difference for them AND for YOU.

These are some simple truths my teen and I discussed as WE prepared for move out day and life in college. I pray they are encouragements for you too. It's amazing how easily we can slip away from common sense in times of stress and transition, even when it's all happy things!

First, start by being mindful of the content you consume. 
Limit exposure to negative news and surround yourself with positive influences. As a believer, staying grounded in The Word is so important and seeking Him first in the day, and in every situation. If you need to set up parent controls on your devices, even as an adult, do it! It's up to YOU to protect YOU from YOU! Also, if you are looking for a Daily Reading Plan, there are tons in the You Version app, and they are all free!! 

Second, pay attention to the people you surround yourself with. 
Our friends can take us from one mood to another with just a text, or a look. They can lead us to Christ, or away from Him. Our teens may not have experienced unequally yoked friendships yet so this is a good time to share with them the value of like-minded friends and how powerfully they can help us stay steadfast and grounded in the Ways of Christ in every season of life, especially big life transitions. 

Praying for the circle of influence around them, and also around us, their teachers and our own mentors, our friends and their friends helps us keep God in the midst of our relationships. Then, we can trust those open and closed doors when they come and walk through this new season without feeling overwhelmed or alone...or tempted towards worldly pleasures.

Next, taking our "vitamins!" 
It is super important in order to think clearly and have a healthy brain for processing but one of the most forgotten Vitamins is G : Gratitude. Practice gratitude daily. Taking time to acknowledge the good things in life helps rewire our brains for optimism and hope-filled living.  College is hard for EVERYONE and it will be important to take those prayerful deep breaths, in order to think clearly before making quick decisions! Some things take time to get adjusted to and remember, you can do all things with Him!! 

Community Connections and Connecting to Self:
Engaging in hobby or ministry activities that promote movement and positivity like prayer, dancing, exercise, worship, meditation, outdoor experiences, volunteering and serving others, endless fun hobbies, or journaling, can aid in centering our thoughts and reducing stress. creating playlists in Spotify or other music apps is fun to be able to share with others too!

We cannot forget Mindfulness. 
Guard your heart and mind and renew them daily. Prayer alongside essential oils, good supplements, good friends, a healthy mindset, God's Word & Worship provide healthy, natural support for physical and emotional relaxation that lends us into peace and joy and mental clarity nd spiritual strength that brings us closer to the Lord's purposesnd provisions, to bring Him glory along the path He has set before us each. 

It IS a big deal. It IS going to take intentionality. It IS an adjustment. There will be misunderstandings, tears and awkward conversations in the process...but when we lay the foundation of Love, Trust, Joy, Hope and lean in to the new season with openness and honesty, and again, LOVE...it will be full of growth for both you and your teen.
Seek Him FIRST!!!! Pray fervently! Do not fear! Do not be afraid! You trained them up to go!!!!

It's time Mama.....

Stay close to the Lord, surround yourself with fish-filled friends and be grateful for the blessing to have raised them to go! You did it!!! You're doing it!!!! You're not alone!!!!! He is near. Lean in. He's got you BOTH!!!!!

Blessings and Heart Hugs,

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Dorm Life Essentials: Diffuse Toxins in the Room and the Mind


Living the college dorm life can be hectic and overwhelming. Between classes, assignments, studying, and social activities, it's essential to have a calm and soothing environment that feels like your sanctuary. While it is important to have good nutrition, a healthy mindset and body, the air is just as important! What can you do when you can't have candles / open flames?? A diffuser! 

They are SO EASY to use too! Simply add water and 2-4 drops of oil, and yes, creating your own blend is fun too! I'll share some of our favorite blends below. No flames, no noise, no mess and it has a timer on it! There are many kinds out there so find one you love.

Incorporating the power of essential oils into your dorm room, you can easily create a calm and healthy atmosphere that supports your physical and mental well-being which is especially important for first time college students.

1. Improve Concentration and Focus:

Studying for long hours can be mentally draining. Thankfully, certain essential oils are known to enhance cognitive function, memory, and concentration. Peppermint and Lemon oils helps maintain mental clarity and focus. Say goodbye to those dreaded brain fog moments and bad for you energy drinks! If you need something to sip on alongside your water, try Nitro and Zyng!  

2. Promote Relaxation and Reduce Stress:

College life comes with its fair share of stress and anxiety. Transform your dorm room into a peaceful oasis by diffusing the soothing scents of Lavender, Joy, or Stress Away essential oils. These calming aromas can help anxiety and promote relaxation, making it easier for you to chill out after a long day of classes.

3. Purify the Air and Boost Immunity:

Dorm rooms often have poor air quality due to limited ventilation. We did buy an inexpensive air purifier from Amazon to help but we also sent our girl with a diffuser to strengthen her immune system which we know will take a hit the first 90 days. 

As we get set up to move in and for a once a day session, she will run the cinnamon and clove essential oil blend, known for its powerful antiviral and antimicrobial properties, to cleanse the air and ward off nasty germs, giving her a healthy breathing environment.

Not to forget mentioning insects....they will be less of an issue in this dorm room!! 

4. Good Sleep:

A good night's sleep is essential for academic success. Diffuse Cedarwood, Lavender, or Roman Chamomile essential oils before bedtime to create a tranquil environment. These calming scents help promote relaxation and prepare your mind and body for a restful night's sleep.

Don't let the stress of college life take a toll on your student's overall well-being. Enhance the dorm room experience with a diffuser and enjoy the benefits of improved focus, relaxation, purified air, and a positive sleep routine. Embrace the power of nature to transform your dorm room into a calming haven where you can thrive academically and recharge both your mind and body.

Read more from our Dorm Life Essentials series, here. Happy Diffusing!!!

If today's encouragement hugged your HEART today, let me know in the comments or meet me over
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3 Basic Ways to Help Manage Stress for Yourself or Your Student

Not every person handles stress the same so be brave and have compassion enough to ASK!!! Don't assume they can handle it alone and don't need you. if it's YOU, ASK for some Love to diffuse your stress ball! 

It's really really hard to ask for support or a simple hug in the name of All Togetherness when you are the Peace Maker in the Home but I am challenging you this time to seek it out and let God bless you with Love through the hands and feet He has placed around you for such a time as this. Don't stuff your feelings. 

Pray, Praise and Pause!!! Receive the LOVE for the health of your soul. Tis the season to REJOICE! You've Got This!!! 

Mothers Day Encouragement for the Weary Mom

It's Mother's Day Month. I imagine the collective sigh, the deep breath, the joy, the exhaustion. Mom Life is beautifully hard.

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