Overwhelmed Mom Life? Feeling Stressed but Blessed?

In this blog post, the author discusses the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom and feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of motherhood. The author shares her own experiences and encourages moms to involve their families in their daily routines, highlighting the importance of setting a plan and showing grace to oneself. The author also invites readers to join her online community, where she offers support and resources for introverted women and mothers. Ultimately, the post reminds moms that they can regain control of their day with the support of God and others.

My Tips for Mamas Feeling Overwhelmed and Numb : How To Feel Purposeful Again

No real passion, no hope for change, no real connection. 

My soul was numb. My soul was downcast, oh my soul.

Did it mean I had lost love for my God, others, coffee or chocolate? No. I just felt numb, and sometimes, invisible, as a woman amongst so many other amazing women.