Fear vs Faith

Let’s talk about Overcoming fear when fear is how you see the world around you. For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with fear. Anyone else have a Boogie Man they never actually saw? Well meaning friends would say things like just Let Go and Let God, It’ll be fine, There’s nothing to worry about…and yet, I feared without knowing how to manage it. 

In the next few blogs, we will talk about different fears, what it looked like in my own life and why you can’t just “Do it” or “Have Faith.” Instead of dismissing someone’s fears or anxious thoughts, let’s take time to understand and teach people how to equip themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually, empowering them to manage their fear rather than dismiss them as silly.

Physical Fear

I grew up in a school where fist fights during the lunch break were a daily thing, bullies ran the hallways, assaults in our community seemed overwhelming. 

As a young girl, the fear was real and there seemed to be no escaping it. I felt it was just a matter of time before I innocently fell victim to the whim of evil. As I grew older, watching the news was only affirmation that we lived in an unsafe and powerful world and strong people were threats to my personal safety. I believe I also had strong intuitions and the gift of discernment, able to feel the evil nearby. 

My soul was cornered by fear, terrified to live but happy to be alive if that even makes sense. I imagine if you have experienced fear, you do.

What did I do when I didn't know what to do? 

Two things in the beginning: Hid and avoided when I could or I stepped into the environment terrified and on edge.

Over the years, I I did what I could to avoid people or environments that involved intense emotions, violence, power, anger, and places alcohol was center stage. Think sports venues, concerts, festivals, bars, and friend's parties. I controlled what I could, missing out on some good experiences maybe, but you don't know what you're missing when you're not there right?!

Making the wrong move in public, saying something negative to someone, feeling angry myself, being around large groups, being around people who were drinking, hearing people argue, watching wrestling or boxing on tv or in real life triggered me into a flight mode. 

I just wanted to feel safe and know my escape.

Fear keeps us running circles around our own thoughts and controls our behaviors.

Fear shrinks us but faith strengthens us

To be sure, I have been a Christ Follower most of my life, I have faith and knew God was always with me...I just didn’t know how to have safe courage. Bravery, boldness, courage, strength (physical and emotional) and leadership seemed like it was something everyone else had. I simply didn't know how to overcome my fears and feel strong within my soul.

But God...The Lord is not going to sit back and watch His children remain shackled by fear. He will help you climb out the pit of darkness. He will take off those chains and sometimes it hurts, most of the times we will feel forgotten or exposed. This is pruning, pruning off the old to invite the new growth in.

We’ve been created for a purpose and equipped to accomplish it through Him and His strength, despite our weaknesses and insecurities because He is able, because He is Lord and He created each of us with a purpose in mind. His Grace is more than enough and we can walk in it boldly, confidently and powerfully. 

We must remember there is NOTHING,
 seen or unseen, 
more powerful than the Blood of Jesus!

What I learned to do:
I began to focus on growing physically healthier. Especially once I became a Mom, I wanted to feel confident in my ability to be that Mama Bear they needed -. at the same time -  learning to release the fear to faith by trusting the direction of the Holy Spirit's leading and God's protection over me. It took time, but worship vs fretting became a practiced skill that created better habits, habits that created more freedom and more freedom in the ability to relax in confidence regarding physical fear because I claimed my strength and faith in Christ alone. It took time, one day at a time to create trusting thoughts and recalling every day that fears were not the reality experienced. I was no longer a slave to fear!

Whatever you face as a physical fear, maybe it's harm, illness, addiction...there is a necessary surrender you must practice as you release that fear, the control, the unknown to the One Who knows and sees all things. This is found in your relationship with God, understanding His power, and your power within because of Him. 

Do bad things still happen to praying people? Of course! We are more than conquerors in Jesus Name and our mustard seed of faith can move mountains and a simple rock in a slingshot can take down a Goliath!

In the next blog, we will discuss Emotional Fear. In all healing, there is a necessary healing that happens and with any fear, we must look at it body/mind/spirit...by believing faith! 

We could talk books worth on this, but I will close with this reminder: 
"Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, 
for He who is in you is greater than 
he who is in the world." 
1 John 4:4 ESV

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