Mothers Day Encouragement for the Weary Mom

It's Mother's Day Month. I imagine the collective sigh, the deep breath, the joy, the exhaustion. Mom Life is beautifully hard.


Living in Grace in All The Things

After failing at my attempts to be the perfect Proverbs 31 Woman, God stepped in and put a stop to all the nonsense. 
I had to learn:
🌸 you can’t be all things to all people
🌸 you have to prioritize all the to-dos and don’t set unachievable expectations on yourself 
🌸 it’s better to function in community rather than control
🌸 no one is perfectly handling life
🌸 to find moments of grace breaths throughout the day
🌸 to stop overthinking
🌸 that the world is not watching every step for me to fail
🌸 my family and dearest friends love me right where I am and God Loves me more!

Grace upon Grace. We are hardest on ourselves and believe we have the ability to be all things. Recognize and Release that pressure before the pressure crushes you. And yes, there will be people in your life who demand more of you than you feel able, or desire to give, even there in those moments, your inner dialogue with God and self are important to keep in peace. Your strength and energy are found within the spirit living inside you. No one can choose that for you. This is where YOU shine, for the Glory of God! Not perfection. Not others.

When you feel empty, remember Who fills you. It's easy to fill ourselves with temporary satisfaction, and meaningless tasks and distractions. This is where the enemy depletes you one decision at a time. 

Whatever you’re facing, remember Who is for you. Remember this Audience of One. He’s the most important person you can serve and spend time with each day. Your identity, purpose, strength, peace, restoration and joy are found in HIM! 

In every hour, we need Him, every valley and mountaintop, every edge and every pit....Seek Him first and always. Friend, you are loved, seen and heard. Stay strong, keep peace, walk by faith.
Hugs & Blessings, 

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