How To Be a Good Mom (When You Know You're Not Perfect)

As a Mom, do you ever feel like in one question you can go from Hero to Zero?

They asked for ice cream for dessert (a rarity in a house where Mom and Dad are trying to make healthy choices!!)
I said Yes. They replied I was the Best!!

They asked to stay up 30 min past bedtime to finish a favorite show.
I said Yes. They replied I was the Best!!

And then the No KNOW they didn't think or feel I was "The Best" when I said NO. I quickly went from Hero to Zero.

Each time they shout "Mom, You're the BEST!!!!!" I remind them that I am a good Mom regardless if they got what they wanted or not. I ALWAYS have their best in mind. I ALWAYS do my best to give them the desires of their hearts. I ALWAYS do what I can when I can for them. But, I don't always tell them Yes. 

In their eyes, I am not always their Hero.

NO, you may not play with the fire.
NO, you may not download that song with those lyrics even if the rhythm is cool.
NO, you may not have ice cream for breakfast.
NO, you may not drive my car at the age of 14.
NO, you may not watch certain shows.
NO, you may not date yet.
NO, you will NOT wear pants that show your undergarments. 
NO, you may not have a sleepover on a school night.
NO, you may not have a $135 pair of tennis shoes.
NO, you may not skip school.
NO, you may not roll your eyes at me
NO, you may not be rude to your sibling because they made you mad.
NO, you may not eat cookies for breakfast.
NO, you may not sit on the couch and watch TV all day long. 
NO, you may not skip church cuz you're tired. 

Yes, I will protect you.
Yes, I will be there for you when no one else is.
Yes, I will love you always.
Yes, I will hug you and sit with you any chance I am able.
Yes, I will watch your favorite movie with you.
Yes, I will make sure you have what you need for school.
Yes, I will do all I can to provide a healthy environment- physically, emotionally and spiritually. 
Yes, I will teach you how to behave, treat others, study the bible, tithe, drive, clean, every life skill I can.
Yes, I will forgive you when you crush my heart, roll your eyes.
Yes, I will reward you for your obedience and discipline you in your disobedience.
Yes, I will celebrate your victories in life and encourage you through the trials.
Yes, I will ESPECIALLY teach you all that I know about the Lord our God!!!!
Yes, I will always pray for you and hold you close.
Yes, I will hold you accountable!!!

My Child, I know the Nos don't feel good and you don't like them, but I Love You. I am still good, regardless of how you feel. Your opinion in the moment doesn't change the fact that I am good. No, I am not perfect,  I am a sinner saved by grace,  just like you, on a path of righteousness, just like you, intentionally living my life with Christ as my core,  just like you, I must confess my sins, just like you, I tithe my money, just like you. I don't understand God's way all the time, just like you. I have questioned if God was good when I didn't like His answer too.

But God, He is always good. He always has our best in mind. It doesn't always feel good, I know, but when you love someone, you trust them. God's Love is so Perfect, full of Grace and Mercy, unconditional and life-giving.

He is consistent, faithful and good. Whether I agree with what God is doing in my life...even if it is a discipline I know I absolutely deserve, He is still good. God is ALWAYS good. My opinion doesn't matter. It doesn't change the FACT that GOD IS GOOD!!!! 

Mama, you aren't perfect and no one said you were supposed to be. Steady your heart on Your Father's Love for you and in that overflow, love your children in the same measure of grace and patience. You are a good Mom!

To GOD be ALL the Glory!!!

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