If you’re someone who’s had physical (and emotional) issues for a while, you’ll get this…

We live in constant testing and research mode...striving to learn new ways of doing things, try new meds and supplements, seek Dr appts, read articles, join forums, get a massage or Chiro , eventhough after you take that end of the day deep breath, you know tomorrow, you will hurt less, but you will still hurt.

It’s exhausting. 

It’s treatment without the treat you once knew…massages were relaxing and flowing. Chiro was a routine release. Dr visits were check marks of job well done.

You’re not playing with oils, you are studying the oils. 

You’re not drinking water because it makes your skin better, you know it’s absolute necessity for easing joint pain, release of toxins.

You walk not to enjoy the textures and smells of nature but to literally get fresh air and move your body.

When you have daily pain, it’s a full time job being a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, healer, trainer, motivator, nutritionist, time keeper, researcher…for yourself!! it's a different level of low level anxiety. A constant tiring, frustration and depression of hope.

Lord have mercy, we need You.

What has helped me keep my joy and sanity, (after Jesus, Coffee and Chocolate of course), is the shift of my heart and mind to the bigger picture and perspective living. 

I’m thankful and grateful to be alive, to have so much access to beautiful resources and information. 

I’m thankful and grateful for worship that leads my soul to The refining fire and burns away fear, anger, doubt, pain.

I’ve learned you need to take off wearing the SuperWoman cape and wrap yourself in Grace…while we cannot walk away from our responsibilities in life, we can be sure to incorporate spending time in playful breaths, creative outlets, refreshing the heart, mind and soul with thanksgiving, appreciating all that is good, letting go of all that isn’t. 

So, this week I am playing, writing, walking, revisiting dreams, and enjoying my oils not because I need to, because I get to.

Friend, do the things, in peace, with grace, running and walking your path. Every bit is a step into healing. 1% effort is better than 100% no effort. Keep stepping. 

Some of the most underrated things we can do are counting our blessings and renewing our minds!! Be grateful, count your blessings, release what hinders you and embrace what helps you. Surround yourself with others who build you up and refresh you, not those who challenge you and wear you out. Establish your yes and your no.

Your thoughts and feelings are a huge part of your healing and it’s crucial you learn to identify them and cover with love.

Anger, negativity, fear, worry…they will be rocks added to the weight of your soul’s backpack. Choose affirmations of faith, hope, possibility, love, joy. They are feathers in comparison but will take greater effort to grab, yet the effort is absolutely worth it!! 

Endurance doesn’t level out…you’ll always be enduring as you up level in each healing place. Healing is a forever thing this side of glory! We will always be fighting the good fight!

In the meantime, we work on strengthening and purifying our heart, body, mind and soul.

So much more can be said in between every paragraph here but this is not a Ted Talk!! Heehee♥️

May this simply be a stopping place in your scroll to know you’re not alone, you’re stronger and more blessed than you realize, you can and are doing hard things AND you can take time to do easy, playful things where laughter becomes your favorite new healing med for body, mind and soul.

Okay, hugs and blessings♥️

I see you Sister Friend! You've Got this!!!! Get up and let's do this again and again! 

All the love,
Your Sista Michele

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Heart Hugs and Blessings,


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