It’s a New Year with New Opportunities! If you’re a shy Introvert like me, you probably feel a little joy AND fear! Yay for new things, yikes for new things.... If you’re a shy Introvert and you struggle with insecurity making you feel all kids of social awkward, you’re already preparing your Decline:  “Sorry I’m busy.” And the only part of you that is buy is the inside of your head working out worse case scenarios which won’t even happen because you’re not even planning to go!

But what if you could go, and feel confident and at ease? Would you wanna go?

I missed out on a LOT of experiences over the years until I learned how to manage my fears and social anxiety. All my fears were rooted in my insecurities, would I say something stupid, would I have anything to say at all, would they like me, would I fit in, would I walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper on my shoe or smile all night with a piece of salad between my teeth and no friend brave enough to tell me. Anyone else?

I’d love to help you find YOUR courage and freedom to say a joy-full YES to any conference, workshop, retreat, concert, get together you choose! 

The first thing I worked on wasn’t my social skills or wardrobe. It was my heart and my mindset. Then, I let go of pride and fear of judgment and shared my social insecurities with some sweet Sister Friends who agreed to pray and travel with me, and I started saying yes to things. The Buddy System is a BLESSING for Introverts!!! It's important to remember God is always our Buddy so we are never truly alone! If you can have Him AND a Sister with you, well, that's a SQAUD!

Introverts prepare for social events so differently than our extrovert friends. We are exhausted and haven’t even showered yet!

Here’s some simple starter tips to help you say yes with hope in your heart. You are going to have so much fun going new places, seeing new things, trying new things and feeling alive and joyful walking in the anticipation of what God has prepare for you!

  • Mindset: It's not always about YOU! Divine appointments still happen even if we are anxious. Rediscover your identity in Christ and Seek Him first in your day, you thoughts, your plans! God’s Got You and you are never, ever alone anywhere you go! 
  • Volunteer: Look for ways to sign up as a Volunteer, even during if that helps you feel grounded. If there are no formal opportunities, make your own. Look for ways to bless and serve those around you.
  • Find An Event Buddy: Be honest with a friend and go! Having a buddy you trust charges you up and steps in to help.
  • Pray & Release: Pray for peace and courage. Ask God to move through you and shift your focus on His Divine plans for you. Release the fears and expectations of failure and expect joy. See yourself having fun and breaking chains as you conquer new ground in Jesus Name! 
  • Limit the Highs in Foods: Keep fatty foods, sugars and caffeines to bare minimum 24hrs before and during. Choose instead camomile teas, whole foods and light greens with protein. Keep hydrated and take your vitamins! 
  • Guard your energy. Deep breathes, smile, and be in the moment. This is Holy Ground! Move away from drama if you walk up on it or if you begin feeling depleted. At the same time, move around. Don't just put yourself in a corner the whole time. Step out or to the back if you need to but otherwise, move!
  • Worship: Count your blessings! Continually praise and say Thank you Lord for…(and name things you are seeing or feeling, acknowledge His presense)
Introvert Sister, it’s time to live in social freedom. Remember this..…it's never just about us! Perhaps the Lord has invited YOU into this space to be the blessing someone else is praying for. Don't miss out on those Divine Appointments! Say Yes with eager anticipation and watch what happens in you and through you.

It's Time!! He is able to do exceedingly more than you can imagine! Let your Light shine and light up the path for others!

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Heart Hugs and Blessings,


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