Most High. This two simple words, Most High, almost escaped me of their power and meaning. I am so glad God didn't allow that. 

Over the past year, I have been studying the Psalms for the names of God. Each time I came across a description of Who He was, I'd write it down. What a beautiful page to read at the end of my study time.

After writing them close to a hundred times in my journal, I was becoming numb to them..."Here they are again...(writing)...Most....H-i-g-h. My brain read “yada yada.”

God of Jacob
my Refuge
my Portion
God of heaven
Lord of lords
God of gods
Mighty One
The Lord is God
God of my salvation
Holy One
God my King
Father of the fatherless
Protector of widows

While I didn't want to write it down, I couldn't not write it down. It didn't make sense to me why I needed to write the same one sooooo many times, until now. I get it. God clearly wanted me to know Who was Most High. So, I looked up the definitions. 

According to Webster's Dictionary:

most: greatest in amount or degree; to the greatest extent; extremely; very

high: far above ground, sea level, or another point of reference; extending above the normal or average level; great, or greater than normal, in quantity, size or intensity; morally or culturally superior 

Wow. The God I seek to know is the God, Most-High. He is far above my point of reference, greater in quantity and intensity than all else, and He is superior. He is extremely God. He is superior to the greatest extent! This is my God! He is above all! 

May we remember Who we are seeking after and Who we call LORD our God. He is High above our circumstances. He is Higher than the battle we are fighting. He is Most capable. God, is Most High. 

Two simple words to describe the Greatest Power and Authority over all the heavens and the earth. No one and no thing is above Him. He's the Highest. He's the Most.

God, thank You for pressing these words into my spirit. When I feel strong, I praise You for giving me the Most power to conquer what comes against me. 
When I feel weak, I praise You for rescuing me from the pit and taking me Higher. 
Forgive me for the times I minimize Your Greatness, You are God Most High, my Salvation, my Refuge and my Strength. 
God, You are Higher than any other. I trust You to protect and provide for me all that I need. Who else is as great as You! 
I praise Your name and am thankful for Your intense Love. I know You Love me More. 
Help me love You back the same. 
Help Your children remember to never become numb to You. 
Forgive us for making You too familiar, common, or small, bringing You down to our human point of reference, for You are to the greatest extent, Most High. Amen. 

"Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy!
For the LORD, the Most High, is to be feared, a great king over all the earth. 
Psalm 47

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