How to Overcome Insecurity as a Mom

If you are a women who struggles with insecurity, this may be especially hard for you because you are probably asking yourself in the closet of your heart, "Am I doing this Mom Thing right?! What did I do wrong for them to act this way? Am I going to totally screw them up?!" I get it. I was that Mom! The enemy knows our weakest buttons and pushes them right into our side where it hurts the most. Insecurity amplifies our fears.

Fear can Hold You a Prisioner in Your Own Mind

Fear holds us prisoner inner own mind.. I didn't feel my value was higher than others so quietness looked like meekness when in reality, there were times I was screaming on the inside, smiling on the outside. Joy comes when we surrender of fears to trusting faith.
Fear sifted and sorted my thoughts until I learned how to give faith that authority! 


Anchor Your Faith with Confidence

It's so easy in life to put our hope in things of this world only to find ourselves in places we didn't plan to be and in deeper waters than we meant to go. 

There is no greater Anchor than the Lord our God. He is steady and steadfast. He will keep us where we need to be if we allow Him to ground us on a firm foundation, His Cornerstone. And this is key.: to have the trust in the firm foundation and set our Anchor with intention.

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