Hi Moms!!! Yes YOU! I know, you hopped online to find some PEACE and here's another person yelling MOM at ya! Well, consider it a friendly invite to sit over here on my internet couch for a few minutes and receive a little encouragement hug for your day! 

I want to cheer for you today because being on the Mission Field in the home or across the waters is often lonely and hard. People don't know the sacrifice of a Missionary.

You, Mom, are a Missionary in your Home Field. 

You are serving, giving, sacrificing, blessing, pouring out and maybe not seeing the harvest yet, but God does.

He sees those seeds planted and cared for inside the laundry pile, in the kitchen sink, in the calm of potty training and tantrum settling. He sees all the seeds within your BooBoo Kisses and repairs. He sees the seeds you've planted in the secret places of your child's heart. 

He sees the seeds of peace and accountability when the curfew is broken. He seeds the seeds of forgiveness when trust has been damaged.

He is toiling the soil of the prodigal, the wayward sheep and the lost coin while at the same time the enemy is jumping around planting seeds of fear, worry, insecurity and limited sight. But Greater is He! We are wise to not give the enemy the final say in our field.

Know this, what you are doing as a Mom on Mission is more than the work you do every day...it's eternal. We are not here raising obedient children. We are instructed to train them up in the way of the Lord! By our example and our word.

If you are a women who struggles with insecurity, this may be especially hard for you because you are probably asking yourself in the closet of your heart, "Am I doing this Mom Thing right?! What did I do wrong for them to act this way? Am I going to totally screw them up?!" I get it. I was that Mom! The enemy knows our weakest buttons and pushes them right into our side where it hurts the most. Insecurity amplifies our fears.

Next time the enemy shows you the poop, throw up, bloody knee, spit up on your newly washed hair, markers on the wall, the attitude of rebellion and selfishness from your child...show him the seeds in the soil! Name the truth of your seeds...count your blessings. The quicker you recognize defeating thoughts, capture them and cast them, the less time your soul absorbs the worry and doubt.

Being a Mom is a Missionary Work and we will always battle for the heart of our kids, and even our own. It's hard work, but it is important work! If you don't have a circle of Mom friends to help rally around you in prayer and practical helps, I encourage you to ask the Lord for this provision in your life. Maybe it's some of the Moms in your church or community who get together and share love and laughter. It's amazing how community lifts us! Of course, talking to a Titus 2 woman or the Children's Pastor in your church is another great resource to seek advice from!

He is with you Mom!!! 

Lean into Him, trust Him cuz you know what....He's planting seeds in you too!!!

Seek Him first and in all your ways, acknowledge Him!! 

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Heart Hugs and Blessings,


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