Don't Loose Your Mind During the Season of Blessings

✅Don’t Holiday for your Pinterest Or Insta- focus on the hearts of your people at your address and not the ones who only know your IP address

✅Realistic Expectations of self and others

✅Ask your family what they would like to have and do during the time off and don’t be Ms Bossy Pants

✅Pray! Coffee & Chocolate! Pray! (Yes that’s a Method)

✅Lead with Love. Love is patient, kind, respectful, generous, selfless, hopeful, edifying, giving and receiving

✅Space for Grace- to pivot, be flexible, considerate to others needs

✅Laugh-Encourage laughter not perfection

✅Remember it could be the last holiday you spend with them so make it count

✅Smile and take in all the senses of touch, smell and audible, make sure to get fresh air and try to go for a family walk

✅Do what you can and let go of what you can’t 

✅Ask for help and let your family feel a part of the prep, no Heros here....JUST JESUS!!

✅Paper-plates, solo cups and store bought pies don’t mean you’re a horrible Host

✅Buy extra toilet paper, bandaids, oils, cough drops and batteries

Reasonable hours (boundaries)

You could do a ton of things! You could BE a ton of things but of all the things, BE YOU!!!! This holiday isn't for's for US! Don't let the holidays overwhelm you with hustle and heartache, exhaustion and depleting self.
Keep it simple and keep Christ at the center of it all!!!

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Love y'all,

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