After failing at my attempts to be the perfect Proverbs 31 Woman, God stepped in and put a stop to all the nonsense of this even being a thing to chase. ♥️

I learned:
🌸 you can’t be all things to all people
🌸 you have to prioritize all the to-dos and don’t set unachievable expectations on yourself 
🌸 it’s better to function in community rather than control
🌸 no one is perfectly handling life as you assume them to be
🌸 to find moments of grace breaths throughout the day
🌸 to stop overthinking and start preparing and planning
🌸 that the world is not watching and waiting for you to fail
🌸 my family and dearest friends love me right where I am and God Loves me more!♥️

Grace upon Grace. 

We are hardest on ourselves and those of us with huge hearts must be on guard against the temptation to think we can or should be all things to all people. Release that pressure before the pressure crushes you. 

While learning these things was a tough season to walk through, it was a necessary lesson I am so grateful for now because it is the very season where I learned more about God's ❤️ heart (His) and hope. 

Whatever YOU ARE facing, remember Who is for you and who is against you. 

Our Audience of One. He’s the most important person you can serve and spend time with each day. Seek Him first and always and receive His Love and Grace.

You can read more about how I started finding God's Heart for me HERE.

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