We are talking about Overcoming Fear this month. Fear was my guide nearly all my life and until I broke free from it, I didn’t realize how bound up I was until it broke loose. 

Today let’s continue the conversation of overcoming fear and talk about the roles Sisters, Boundaries and Intimate Worship play.
Let’s continue this bloggy convo! Here’s the last one incase you missed it! 

Have you ever had that feeling where your prayers bounce off the ceiling?! Or is it just me?! Let’s talk about about it.

Here’s how it feels to me…It’s the same feeling you get (for me anyway) like the times you get a Call Failed on your cell and try to reconnect but it won’t go through. You’re doing all the things you know you’re supposed to do but it won’t connect. 

There was a session several years ago I walked through having panic and anxiety attacks. If you’ve ever had one, first, I am so sorry. Second, you know frustrating (and scary) they are. It’s not just a physical thing that happens. Sure your heart rate is crazy skipping, racing, pounding all around as it wishes but it’s also emotionally frustrating.

When your body doesn’t feel calm, your mind has a harder time feeling calm. While my body was in it’s freaking out moments, my mind would try to race and never with good thoughts. I constantly reigned them in telling myself, “Calm down, take deep breaths and pray.” 

I would pray pleading prayers, desperate for rescue. Just for the sake of context if you are new to me, I grew up in the church and loved Him all my life. I have served in the church on Staff and a Volunteer and all the things. So, praying and faith were not a new concept to me, AT ALL! 

Here I was sitting on my living room floor, kids playing around me, dog wondering what in the world was I so anxious about, praying...pleading.....

God, what is happening?
What have I done to be so punished by You?
What is happening?
How long will this last?
How do I make it stop…I am asking but I don’t feel like You hear me…..
Where are You?

I pleaded and cried daily in this season. Sitting here on the floor, I felt abandoned by the God I lived every day serving with all I had. Looking back, while I loved the Lord with all my heart, soul and mind, I recognize now I had become a Check List Christian. I worked hard with all the right heart intentions to honor and please Him in all I thought, said and did.

In my mind, all I could consider was, “What else can I DO to be approved by You? To become worthy of healing? To earn Your favor? Oh how sufficient is His Grace and slick is the great deceiver seeking someone to devour.

Making a long story short, a story for another time, a few hours later of hitting the Prayerful RETRY button in my prayers, I felt Him leading me to the front door.

Eventhough I was in the front room right there, have a Beagle who alerts us to every human or animal that comes close to the door, baffled, I went to the front door and wow! Hanging on the door was a flyer from a new church being planted and the big bold letters of it’s title said, “I Can Hear You Just Fine.”

UGH! I was glad and mad, bewildered, baffled and relieved all at the same time. Thankful He heard me but not glad He seemed to be ignoring me. I just didn’t know in this season what I know now. 

Let’s talk about our 3 helps:

Circle your fears with Sisterhood.
Invite your Sisters in to these moments of despair. Ask them to pray for you and over you. The warfare need His army!

Circle your fears with Boundaries.
Capture your thoughts with truth of His Word! You KNOW He will never leave you or forsake you and has plans and purpose to prosper you, for your good and His glory! Lean in. Trust!!

Circle your fears with Intimate Worship.
Worship in the not knowing. Surrender all the thoughts, fears, wonderings if He hears you. HE DOES!!! He is NEAR the broken hearted! Will you believe Him to remain faithful? Will YOU remain faithful, even if it feels like He is not near, even if He doesn’t answer your pleas immediately, or as you wish?! 
Let go of the control, release the fist of fear and grief. He knows….He sees. He still loves you.
Keep seeking His heart that has bled for you. There is a battle you cannot see and it has already been won. Fight the good fight for Peace and Wisdom and Strength! You do not battle alone. 
He is worthy of your praise! Surrender and trust Him. He’s Got You!! 

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