365 Days a year, we have this Gift of CHRISTmas to open…to give and receive. 

No matter what this past year was for you, we have every new Today to keep opening our Gift. When the Lord created us in our Mother's Womb, He knitted within us a specific design for power, impact, love, strength, ability and value. We were created to radiate His glory through our hearts, loving Him and loving others in a world Created by Love yet for the most part, betraying it every day. 

We were created as Light Houses to shine in the darkness. 
When the Son is before us, 
shadows cast behind us. 

We have the Holy Spirit, who helps us in our weaknesses and our doubts to strengthen us to show up in power and love in. world so desperate for it. I think we get so busy or down on ourselves www forget our missions, we forget our equipping to change atmosphere in Jesus Name. When ws the last time your heart smiled? your should felt truly rested? surrendered?

We have all we need to walk consistently and confidently in our missions here on earth. You don’t have to be perfect. God is perfect!! Jesus gave us His heart and we have the choice to give Him ours. 

When He holds our heart, our world opens up in ways we cannot imagine. Everyday is a Gift. 

So while we sit in the dreamy decor of Christmas lights and shiny gift wrapped presents, may our souls be kept in His Presence. When you feel the swift swoosh of Calm and Delight, it's not magic...it's Holy Ground shaking beneath your feet. It's the reminder of an Oh so Holy Night, Divine Appointments, a Prophecy and The Promise fulfilled.

Today, may you also find yourself at the Feet of Peace, adoring the Great I Am, The King of Glory who Is, Was and Is To Come. He is the Alpha and Omega, The One our Hearts Long for. Let the Silent Night be your daily hope. For unto us, Our Savior was gifted to us. Receive His heart in to yours and let's choose to Light up this world with the Hope we have.


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