Being a shy Christian introvert in a world that seems to cater to extroverts, even inside the church walls,  can be challenging. Thankfully, confidence is a trait that can grow as we draw closer to The One who has called us to the place we are. It's easy to look at everyone else round you and think they've got it together. If you would have met me 15 years ago, you may have thought the about me too, however, I was hiding behind a mask of perceived confident...if you saw behind my mask, you'd see all the broken pieces I was trying to hold together. 

Let's explore three quick tips to help you as a shy Christian introvert boost confidence and navigate social situations with ease. You can check out this quick blog I wrote the goes into specific helps for social gatherings.

1. Ground Yourself in Your Faith:

Our confidence level reflects the foundation we believe we stand on. Our faith, trust and belief...and our ability to surrender to a thing is directly related to our courage and confidence. Start every day in prayer and meditation, surrendering your fears and anxieties to the One who not only carries you through them and walks beside you, but has equipped you for the moments you are being led to. Remembering Who's you are, Your Audience of One, removes the cares of the other's opinions. HE is all that truly matters. 

2. Develop Social Skills at Your Own Pace:

It's okay to be an Introvert and it's okay to even be shy. We land ourselves in the enemy's trap only when we hide within these traits. I am very shy by nature and yet, I love people and have grown in audacity to step outside my comfort zone because I have first worked though Step 1 above. Taking small steps helped me grow, like making eye contact, saying Hello to strangers, engaging in small, meaningful conversations with close friends or fellow church members. 

In the beginning, I took my extrovert friend with me to help me learn the gift of conversation and breaking the ice. As you become more confident in who you are and your ability to be a blessing and life is not all about us, you will become more and more comfortable, and your ability to step into bigger social circles will grow too. I've got a few blogs in here that talk about in person overcoming!

For the online things, practicing in private is how I started! You can start with recording yourself on your own phone, then recording yourself in Zoom. Did you know you can also Go Live on Facebook and change the Privacy to "Just Me." Then delete or choose to not post it. My next steps were recording the videos and uploading, to then I started to Go Live. In the beginning it was helpful for me to read something like a devotional or encouragement or How To. Next was sharing a product, as in doing a demonstration on something. Then, keep going!! 

Just be you and as a Believer, PRAY! Pray before all the things in person and online! Let your Light shine through. It's okay to be set apart! You were created to be set apart! You've Got this!!

3. Celebrate Your Unique Gifts:

Every human being was created by God with unique gifts and talents. As a shy Christian introvert, identify and celebrate both your strengths and your weaknesses. There is such relief when you can be your true, imperfect and quirky self. Our world needs more authentic leaders! What is grace for if we we wear a mask that says we don't need it?!? 
Whether it's your empathetic nature, deep reflective thinking, or creative abilities, understand the value you bring to the world. Your little light matters and can light up the darkest corner....imagine if all of us shined our little shy lights...what kind of city on a hill would we be?!

Being a shy Christian introvert doesn't mean you have to live in the shadows. By grounding yourself in your faith, developing social skills at your own pace, and celebrating your unique gifts, you can cultivate the confidence needed to navigate the world with authenticity. Remember, confidence is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the process, trust in your faith, and watch as your self-assurance blossoms.

In the next few blogs, we will break these down even more. If you are ready to start your personal growth journey, I believe it starts with sharing your own story! Here's a worksheet I created that can you at : http://www.sharingmyheartstory.com

Be Courageous Sister, YOU ARE AWESOME AS YOU ARE!!!!!
Your Big Sis,

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