Today's Love Challenge & Encouragement:

Shout out to one of my mentors who said this statement last week on a topic I am so passionate about!  
Grace is everything which is how we can show up in transparency and fearlessly love God and others. We trust the love of The One who knows us best and chooses us just as we are!! 

We can so easily get caught up in this "filtered world" we quickly lose ourself, in the wondering if this "looks" right to others, will they approve, will I fit in, will I be accepted…will I be included.

For years and years, I wasted so much energy hiding my authentic self, I’ve had to get to know my own self and who I am, and am not!! 

It’s been an awkward and fun discovery. I get the mid life crisis thing…it’s more about wisdom, regret, eagerness of intentional moments…forging through in our mission because we hear the ticks of time louder every year.

We see what has already passed and are eager to redeem our next moments in time! 

Friend, you don’t hold time in your hands. You hold moments. How are you going to live & love in them?!? 

Today, let's do what we should always be doing: let's show up AUTHENTIC as the person we were uniquely created to be, as we are, broken, but together, perfectly imperfect, grounded yet soaring, humble and confident, last but first, leading but following, giving and receiving, sharpening and sharpened. 

Let's not worry about what others think or feel or expect us to be and instead fix our eyes on Jesus, the Perfector of our faith. 

Accept the gift of grace!! Grace helps open the door for hope, Joy, endurance, courage, and peace. 
So whatever that looks like for you, share YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF by letting others see authentic YOU! 
One of the first things I had to do was go out the door with no make up on. It was soooo hard. But oh the shackles that began to break away from the chains of fear, shyness, and insecurity…there's no exact place to begin your YOU JOURNEY!! 

Fall into the Arms of Love and be loved as you are. Start there and move freely from that space. 
You, my friend, are fearfully & wonderfully made, gifted and equipped to love others and live in this world in a way unique to YOU! 

Oh, and heads up…you’re gonna make mistakes and it okay! This is growth in moments of grace. ♥️

GOD is our Life Source, Time Keeper, Way Maker, Purpose, Reason and Audience. 
Eyes on Him!! JUST BE YOU!!!

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