If the last few years haven't taught us much, two things are for sure: We sure do need to Love Like Jesus and We Must Have our Must Haves.

I don't know about where you live but I live in the Florida Keys. I had lived in Houston, Texas until these past 8 years close to any shopping mall, grocery store (shout out to THE BEST HEB), restaurant, gas station or clinic I could ever need. Here, we live by weather and AmazonIt's true.

When the world shut down, clinics closed, pharmacies lay empty shelves, and resources dwindled, I was forever grateful for my things to keep our family healthy most of all. In times of crisis, it's the toilet paper, water and medicines that seem to evaporate. I see this during hurricane season too.

I am a Mom, and maybe the need to be prepared with the Diaper Bag is just forever my vibe. I miss those days of having a valid excuse to have the Mary Poppins Bag of Hope...now it's just the big Mothership purse always nearby. Or it could be the anxiety driven thought life I have lived all my life, needing to have what I need and not depend on someone else to get it for me.

Essential oils have been a part of my life since 2005-ish. Peppermint in my coffee, peppermint for achy muscles, peppermint for the diffuser, oh, and for fevers...it was amazing and affordable! That was a huge factor too as a Mom of 4 kiddos. And lavender, the best thing for sleep and skin!! Don't let me start chasing rabbits y'all...this is a blog, not a class, teehee! 

It wasn't until 2008, I learned essential oils could be used for anxiety, to calm the heart flipping out inside my chest.To help me sleep. To help me pray deeper, with focus and serenity. Magic Oils? Genie in the Bottle? No and No.

I believe God gave us His creation to care for us and we have much to learn. I do believe there is a place for pharmaceutical resources, not here to reject that just so we are clear. God gives medical personal and scientists the knowledge they need to create for us, help, be it from nature or the lab.

I love being able to reach into the Bag of all Bags and have instant access to help when I need it for me or my family, or a friend. I don't even pretend to know all there is to know about essential oils or enzymes and supplements, But I know what I know and believe what I see and hear from others too.

Here's WHY I am sharing this with you: My passion and purpose is to empower and encourage and hopefully help you overcome insecurity in trying new things. To not be afraid to learn and experiment. I am blown away at how much these have helped heal and support me physically, emotionally and spiritually. My Affiliate links are things you will need to buy. But I can offer you a FREEBIE resource that I use all the live long day....prayer! Oils and Prayers are 2 powerful weapons! 

I created a few bundles specific to issues like skin and stress so I wanted to share my on the go ones with you. Many oils are multifaceted which means they have tons of benefits and can cross over to support body and mind. They are beautiful!

So as you prepare for the Holidays, I am asking you to consider preparing your Bag of Bags with some items beyond the typical goodies, tissues, bandaids and toys and grab some things that will support you in your body, and your mind. Grab what you want from the bundle and build up as finances allow. Some of the company Starter bundles are also great to consider to get more bang fro your buck and try even more new things! 

And no, that doesn't mean you have to start selling them, just get them in your home if it's speaking to you to experience.

Here is my Travel Bundle, always on me when I leave the house overnight. If you've ever travelled with me, you know! I hope it helps you serve your heart and those around you.

I think I understand why people don't mind hugging me all these years....it's the oils infusing their hearts as we embrace in kindness and sincere love.

Hugs and Blessings over all the world as we learn to pivot, plan, prepare, and purpose in peace, not panic.
Let me know if you have any questions! Feel free to check out the oils resource tab to learn more and find even more of my favorite things as I begin building my list of helpful things!

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Heart Hugs and Blessings,


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