Insecurity is usually the reason we feel anxious about sharing more of who we are with others. Friend, It's time! It's your new business. Maybe it's time to share your faith. Maybe you moved and meeting new people. No matter what brought you to the place of needing to or feeling ready to share your heart with others, you find yourself here looking for help to know how and I am excited to help you!

You decided to step out there into the world and the first time you go to open your mouth, you can't find the words! I get KNOW you need to get good at introducing yourself to others, especially if it's a purposeful introduction like introducing a product or your faith but your hands are sweaty and your heart is pounding and your's feeling like 100lbs! It's okay! I have been there too! Let's break this down and simplify.

I didn't realize I was the only who struggled with this simple task, Where do you start? How much do you say? Do you have to tell people all the details of your life in order to share you thing? What if they have questions you don't know the answer to!?

These are the questions I had too! So I asked around, asked other people, read some articles so I could overcome this roadblock. Now, I want to help you too! 

I will soon be hosting workshops where can meet Live together and enjoy some real time share time, Make sure you have connected with your email and so I can send you updates and announcements! I will also be sharing resources and encouragements in our Facebook Group too so be sure to hop over there and turn on notifications! 

In the meantime, here are some quick tips to sharing your story.

Keep it simple and short. People are not genuinely interested in hearing your life story but they would like to know enough about why you think you can offer them the service you are offering. 

Share what makes you comfortable and keep the focus on converting the conversation to their benefit. You don't need to share every detail of your past or pit or trial in order to validate your offer. Share what you feel led to share and extended conversations can always happen over coffee at another time you choose, if you choose.

Share what benefit you have received and what it potentially can do for them. This is the reward, whether for a product or salvation message, why do you feel they need it and how can you communicate it to them in a way they see themselves with a void that your service can fill.

Be ready for both the acceptance or the refusal.  Know it's not personal and it just isn't for them at this time. it's okay. 

Know how you can serve them regardless of their answer. What is your follow up plan if they say yes...if they say no?

Would you like me to email you a Printable Guideline? I've got you covered! The link for you to print it out is in the Guides Section of our Group in the 3rd Guide Sharing You OR
I can also EMAIL it to you!  CLICK HERE! 

As always, keep in mind The Good News you have found blessed you and it's time to share it with others! Let's go!! Surrender your nerves and and organize your thoughts. Listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides you to the right people and the right time. It's never just about you, it's about loving God and loving others!

Phil 2:4

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Heart Hugs and Blessings,


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