I used to believe I had to be perfect….especially when I stepped into Church Leadership. 

We believe that in order to be “really” used by God spiritually helping people that we have to be perfect & qualified. 

I worked my tail off striving to be perfect…the perfect Wife, Mom, Friend, Neighbor, Member. 
That perfection looked like: 

- not sharing bad days with others

- keeping my questions and opinions to myself in fear of being wrong, rejected or seen as unqualified

- stuffing “negative” feelings- anything less than happy, so my fears, hurts, anxiety, questions, etc)

- saying yes to everything even if I didn’t want to

- quadruple checking and questioning things I created or decided

- avoiding stepping into new things

- constantly checking myself against The Greats in Women’s Ministry left to be equally motivated/inspired AND not enough/no place for me vs seeking validation and confirmation from God in the place He currently had me while learning from and appreciating the examples He gave me to move my soul to lead

- staying in the back, on the bench, called to Coach but sitting in the stands clapping to feel a part of the role even if it wasn’t me

- constant focus on outward appearance (body/mind/spirit) to have best/perfect foot forward

- living a life of expectations vs authentic excellence- being the best I was, as I was, a sinner saved by grace 

- grace for others…period.

Here’s how I broke perfectionism:

- Surrendering self and living according to His power, truth, grace, strength, purpose, knowing He will equip you as you go! 

- Recognize and admit ALL have sinned and are saved by GRACE, Not BY WORKS should anyone boast…we are all THE SAME!!! No one is perfect!!!! 

- Let those who inspire you, move and mentor you. Do not allow the enemy to take what God meant for good and use it to harm you and destroy you by accepting its lie. Titus 2 is gleaning from one another to edify and build up His Glory in us and through us! Let’s sharpen each others iron with fire!!! 

- saying No to the things not for me 

- Love! Perfect love cast out fear! Stop fearing what “man” may say and ask what does God have to say?!?

- Fight with His armor and not your bare hands

- Pray, worship, serve and live from His heart pouring out thru yours and understand you will make mistakes and it’s okay!!!!!! It’s oohhkkaaayyy!! There’s gonna be trials, pruning and refining. It’s how we grow in grace!!

- Be YOU!!! Pray and ask for a Sister Squad that is safe for you to share your life with - good, bad, ugly and trust them with your heart knowing these gifts are from God.

Perfectly Imperfect!!! You may think you’re living a life of freedom trying your best be perfect but you are not! Your anxiety and exhaustion are calling it out!! Let it go!!! 

If you were perfect….
You wouldn’t need Jesus.

There’s that!! ♥️🙌🏻
Was this is helpful to you?!? Now….GO BE FREEEEEE as you are created to be!!🔥✅🙌🏻♥️

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