I shared a video over on YouTube this morning sharing bout when you feel like you're in a "time out" or you feel stuck, pulled back and thought I'd add the link to it here too with some additional tips on listening to God...

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding moments of quiet reflection and seeking God's guidance can often be challenging. Yet, as Christians, cultivating a habit of actively listening to God is so important for spiritual growth and guidance. Here are some practical tips to help you create space for God's voice in your daily routine.

1. **Start Your Day with Prayer and Scripture:**
Begin your day by intentionally setting aside time for prayer and reading the The Word. This allows you to align your thoughts with God's Word and opens your heart to His leading. Consider meditating on a verse that resonates with you, helping with thoughts, feeling, plans for the day ahead. Be sure you are listening! 

2. **Create Quiet Spaces:**
In the midst of a noisy world, carve out moments of silence by finding a quiet space where you can focus on God without distractions. Silence allows you to hear God's voice.

3. **Set Your Surroundings:**
Creating a calm atmosphere the best you can helps keep your heart and mind calm. For each person this will look different, so consider what you can do in your home or workplace that allows you to feel calm, focused, open...I love diffusing oils, comfy blankets, and listening to worship music in the background all day. This helps calm the mind, making it easier to hear God's gentle whispers throughout the day.

4. **Be Present in Daily Tasks:**
Incorporate mindfulness into everyday activities. Whether you're washing dishes, walking, or working, be fully present in the moment. This mindfulness allows you to invite God into the ordinary aspects of your day, recognizing His presence in the details.

5. **Journal Your Thoughts and Impressions:**
Keep a journal to document your prayers, thoughts, and any impressions you feel God is placing on your heart. Reviewing your entries can provide valuable insights into patterns, themes, and lessons God is teaching you. If you're not a journal girl, no biggie, take note, make a post, share with a friend. There are many ways to "note."

6. **Cultivate Gratitude:**
Expressing gratitude shifts your focus from what's lacking to the abundance God provides. Take moments throughout the day to thank Him for blessings, both big and small. A grateful heart is more able to give and receive. 

By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you'll be better positioned to listen to God's voice, seek His wisdom, and experience a deeper connection with Him throughout the day. Remember, it's not about finding large chunks of time, although there is nothing wrong with the especially for study times, but in the every day moments, as you go, let's be intentional in our moments to seek Him first when we question what is happening in certain moments.

Just remember His heart is always FOR YOU!!! If He is drawing you in, its purposeful.

Be sure to check out the video

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