Don’t let the smile fool ya…It’s been a tough week. Anyone else have one of those days, you aren't sure if it's your hormones, an attitude, an emotion trapped, them, or you?!? I felt weighted all week, until today. I got dressed for church (without much color / joy to be honest) and as I grabbed my sweet new Church Note Journal, it made me smile. 

These sweet spring flowers glowed against my blah. It reminded me that God makes all things new, and Spring is just that reminder. You know that feeling when you see a new puppy?!? Like that! Instant joy. 
(It’s also a reminder how important sleep is too😜)

There is a season for everything and we too, can spring forward!!! 

I think sometimes we hibernate in the winter so comfortably that when the sun begins to shine, we feel a little nervous about the new energy we see sprouting and we’ve gotten really comfortable in our snuggle up winter clothes and fluffy blankets, it’s hard to get up and outside. We’ve also lost a little “muscle” in our winter. 

His mercies are new every day!! They are not seasonal as the enemy would like you to think.

So, with a deep breath, I went back in to my closet and found something Springy to wear. 
I literally felt the lyrics, It is well, with my soul. It is well. 

My heart uttered, Lord, let this little Light of mine shine for You today. Bring me into Spring and show me what’s new today. Let Your Light in. 

Time Springs forward and so can we. 

The clock is gonna keep ticking and the seasons consistently rolling through, and yes, each season has its own kind of storms…and we know this. It’s just those transition days that are the hardest. 

Something as silly and simple as wearing a brighter color or choosing a favorite accessory, is and easy transition choice, in the the process of choosing different, choosing to spring up, pick up, be up vs down. It’s not the clothes….its not the hype music…it’s not a double cup of caffeine….

It’s being clothed and covered in God’s hope and joy in every season. 
It’s keeping in step with His seasons, understanding the uniqueness of each one and not only preparing for them, but walking with anticipation in to the newness of them.

So, if you’re still trying to transition out of a Winter Coat, here’s your challenge to go back in to your “closet” and find a Springy something to put on! (Col 3:12-17, Phil 4:8-9)

The sweet thing is, through you, you become someone else’s Spring encounter. 

His mercies are NEW!!!! Grace upon Grace!!!

Lamentations 3:21-26

If you are looking for a journal to help you stay focused and put a little Spiring Step in your church going moments, take a look at this one and see if it makes you smile too! 

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